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Month: April 2007

Silly kid trying to shake a PR5 blogger

Seems to be an in-thing these days, some stupid kid trying to attack an established PR5 blogger. I have dealt with this here and here. I am tempted to post the video here but I am deciding against it. After all, what will be the point entertaining this discredited individual? I think flexing my blogging muscles as it stands now is more than enough to destroy this person’s reputation and expose him as the liar that he is. You may go to the links above if you are wondering what the fuss is all about.

Anyway, on with the usual programme. Today, I have taken some job offers from Blogitive and V7N Contextual. The total amount of earnings, if approved, will be around $70 for today. That is a good deal, I believe. I still have about three more job offers from Blogitive and I have only 12 hours left to complete it. So I better get going, toodle doo!


I’m buying another domain name

I’m buying yet another domain name, participating in a domain name bulk auction at a well-known domain names forum. The owner seemed anxious to sell his domain names, since he started the bids at $1 with an increment of $2. I bidded for that particular domain name (after checking the Google PR, of course) for $1 and I am quite determined to get it, since the name sounds very commercial. The auction will end in a few hours’ time so unless there is a higher bid than mine, I will be a proud owner of a PR1 domain name for a mere $1.

Probably the cheapest domain that I’ve ever bought.


Received my first payment from Amazon Associates

I had signed up for Amazon Associates since 2001, but I have not made any significant gains from them and considering things as they stand today, earning from Amazon Associates is the weakest amount of dollars compared to the paid blogging programmes and Google Adsense. Recently however, I became eligible for payout from Amazon Associates and yesterday they sent me this e-mail:

Dear Associate,

It’s time again for referral fee payments to our Associates! We have reached the end of February 2007, and we have just sent payments to eligible Associates for the referral fees earned in the program. These payments also include any credit balance carried forward from previous payment periods. You can find your payment amount and more information on your payments in Associates Central under Your Account > View your payment history.

Incoming search terms:

  • amazon earnings
  • amazon associates
  • amazon affiliate

My old domain is worth $693

About four years ago, my old domain (the .net version of Critical Thoughts domain) was forcibly taken away from me when I wanted to renew it after the domain expired. The reason I could not do so earlier was because the domain was “locked” and therefore I was unable to transfer the domain to another registrar. So I decided to wait until it expires by itself but some criminal decided that the domain was worth something and decided to “legitimately” steal it from me.

Today I did a search for the domain and out of serendipity, I came across this auction. Man, that is how much the .net is worth? I wonder how much the .org will be then?


An infidel Saturday

Some infidel decided to mess around with me when I was in a really foul mood. The infidel has already been harshly dealt with here and here. Of course my views on Islam and comparative religion are very well known, so there is no need for me to repeat myself.

Funny to think that lousy second-classfourth-class, low-rated Blogspot bloggers believe that they can shake a PR5 blogger. They are pygmies trying to fell down a giant. If the bitch tries again, I will launch a massive assault on her and her ideology on all of my blogs. That will shut the bitch up. Permanently.

Ah, don’t mind me. Just something that I want to bitch about and let off some steam.

P/S: And why the heck in God’s name would I want to ever go out with Hannah Tan when I already have her?


Google is updating their PageRank!

Watch for that tiny green bar in your Google toolbar. Google is updating their PageRank now. I can see a tiny green line for this less-than-one-month-old blog now, and I must say that I am pleased with the results. But its too early to have a celebration bash 🙂