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Month: July 2007

Making money bloggers meet at Jusco Balakong


Somehow I managed to make it to Starbucks at Jusco Balakong last Saturday to meet up with fellow money-making bloggers, Louiss, Michael Woo and Ricko Liew. We discused many things ranging from blogging to SEO to how to withdraw from PayPal (even some bad experiences with PayPal…heh!) and our core business online. It was really a great meeting of minds and I really enjoyed it. I hope there will be another meet in the future, with even more members I hope 🙂


Smorty works great

I’ve signed up with this get paid for blogging service called Smorty for several months now, and I am certainly making some money from it. Compared to another paid blogging service which I am engaged in, the offers that are available are not many but I did get two serious offers worth $24 each. Not bad for a company which, like its competitors, is a network where you can get get paid for blogging. Advertisers will pay bloggers for conveying their opinions about a product or service in order for bloggers to advertise on blogs.

I like the Smorty interface as it is intuitive and easy to use. Smorty states that they will pay bloggers every week after the job offer is approved, so that is something new that has not been done by the other paid to blog networks. And yes, they do pay me once every week. So occasionally I do get between ten to twenty dollars every two weeks or so from them. On the whole, the emergence of new paid to blog services like Smorty can only be good for the blog advertising industry as more companies offer people to blog for money.


Changed to a new blog theme

I just happened to come across the Prosense-Blue theme quite by chance. Fell in love with it and decided to use it for this blog. I got tired of the previous one as although it has a nice look, it has only 2-columns. The standard these days is 3-columns. Definitely I am going to stick with this theme for awhile. How do you find this theme? Let me know!

And have you made your review of this blog yet? Deadline is 12th August, so hurry now!


VMI login error

I have been trying to enter the Virtual Money Inc login menu all day for my latest VMI card statement, but each time I tried to login, I get the following error instead. I am not sure whether this is just me or everyone is experiencing the same error.


Of course I could get the latest account statement from the ATM machine, but this would mean that once I query for the statement, they will charge me USD1.20 for it instead of getting it for free if I were to access it from the website. Sigh.

So did you experience this problem?

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I will announce the RM1K blog review winner on August 12th

I guess its my fault for not promoting my Review This Blog RM1,000 Reward blog contest which I started in March. So far I’ve only gotten enough reviews for two batches and it has since slowed down to a halting screech. Anyway I think I shall announce the closing date for the contest, which will be on August 10th. I will not accept any more reviews after this date so if you want to participate, you still have time to do so. And on August 12th, I will announce the winner of the review contest. There has been some good reviews but so far only one person has stand out above the rest.

Will that person win the review?

Oh yeah, I have linked to the reviews as they were up weeks ago but if any of the reviews are no longer online, the person is automatically disqualified from the contest. Just so you know, so that no one will accuse me of being biased. So if you want to participate, please make sure you read the review guidelines first before you ask me anything else, okay? 😉


I should get a printer

I find it strange that although I have a 17″ LCD screen (replacement for a [literally] burnt-out monitor), new SonicGear speakers and a scanner to boot, I still have to run to the nearest cybercafe in order to print out stuff on A4-sized sheets of paper. It might be time for me to get a new printer or something. Of course there is the cost factor to be considered, so I might be going for an Epson Stylus D92. I read in a review that there are cheap epson d92 inkjet cartridges on sale for this printer model, so unlike other models in the market this particular printer would be cost-saving and cheaper in the long run. I am not running a printing house, after all.