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Month: August 2007

PayPal and their new logo

PayPal has reverted their site “new” Beta look back to the old one as according to them, they are going to refine the Beta one before release. Received this in the inbox today:

Thank you for helping us test-drive our new homepage design and experience. Your participation was extremely important to us.

We received a significant amount of feedback and are now ending the beta in order to fine-tune our new homepage design. Stay tuned as we plan to introduce the new homepage shortly.

Sigh…not sure what they are going to “fine-tune” as it worked great to me. But PayPal made another change, they introduced a new logo!


Here is the previous one.


Now which looks better?


Get listed in Million Dollar Wiki


It is always very interesting for me to see how new ideas are being implemented and developed on the Internet. An internet entrepreneur by the name of Graham Langdon has started this new innovative idea based on the Wiki concept called Million Dollar Wiki. You can buy a page there for $100 and put up information about yourself or your business in order to promote it to visitors who come to the website. A $100 for a page is really a good investment in the long run and once you buy the page, you basically own the page for as long as the website exists, which is certainly going to be for a long time.

I have bought a page there with the keyword where I will promote my blogs and web directories. Its certainly going to be a very useful page for me to promote my company as well as the services it offers. And I can always sell the page to someone else for the keyword if I no longer require it. Million Dollar Wiki has been online for only two months but they have sold over 250 pages and have a 4,318 Alexa ranking. Really not bad at all for a new website so why not buy a Wiki page today?


Coming soon

I will be out of town for two days (specifically: going to Muar and Pontian), so this blog will not be updated during that duration. In the meantime, here’s something which I set up only today.

VCTech Network

Let me know if you like it. Yeah, that will also teach those who have labelled me “an unemployed problogger” (a very ludicrous oxymoron if I haven’t seen one before already) a thing or two. Who dare says that I am “unemployed” now?


Google revokes PR update

Yes, really….

If you landed here, then it means you are pretty gullible. If you rely on PR updates as your end-all, save-all to defining a site’s worth on the net, you are more than gullible. You are simply beyond help.

Relax, the damn updates will be over at some point.

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VCTech Network


I have registered the company VCTech Network which is an online company consolidating all my online projects under one label. Tonight I will be purchasing the official domain URL for the company and develop a portfolio website for the company in order to give it more credibility. I asked for some logo design submissions in Digital Point, and the creative members have come up with interesting designs. Some are made for fun and are really wacky, like the bus above with the company name on its side.

Anyway this is just the beginning.

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