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Month: October 2007

Here is my new toy

Some months ago, an arrogant (and dare I say, asshole) blogger whom I am loathe to name once referred to yours truly as “that unemployed blogger”. I’ve been waiting for the right time to buy this so when I was at Gurney Plaza on Sunday (and it so happens that on the same day, my old Nokia 1110 failed on me), I decided to snap this up at RM1.3K + RM99 for the 1GB miniSD flash card.

Now here is my new toy.


I don’t think “unemployed” people can afford this tool anyway. So here’s my middle finger showing at that aforementioned blogger whom I am loathe to name. Hah!


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Getting bad credit advice


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Something weird is going on with Google

Something weird is sure going on with Google. In particular, that little green bar in the Google Toolbar called the Google PageRank. Yet again, there was another Google drop just when everyone was talking, dissing and cussing each other about the sudden crackdown on web directories and well-known, developed web directories that were missing from the Google SERPs. Fortunately my web directories escaped unscathed but I cannot say the same for two of my blogs, Critical Thoughts and Noorullah Online. Both dropped their PR and now Critical Thoughts is a PR3 (when just a few months ago it was a PR5!) and Noorullah Online, a blog which I bought a few months back, is now a PR2 (from PR4 previously).

Sigh. No time to worry about it I guess. At least only two were affected, none of my other sites suffered a drop, which I am thankful for.


Making money ideas

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Withdrawal of PayPal to Visa debit card works

I was a bit apprehensive about this new way of withdrawal from PayPal to the Visa debit card will work but Malcolm has confirmed that this does work. I was unable to test this for myself since I did not receive my PIN number for my Visa debit card and have reported that issue to the customer service, who promptly decided to cancel my old card and send me a new one with PIN (which will only be available on Wednesday). So it is good to know that this form of withdrawing your funds from PayPal really does work.

Where yours truly is concerned, I now have two methods of withdrawal from PayPal: my VMI card and my PBB Visa debit card.