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Month: November 2007

PayPal called me

This was the last thing I expected but a representative from PayPal called me, “for security reasons” she said. What, she thinks that I am a terrorist?

Anyway, although at first she addressed me as “Mr Juferi” (hello, that’s my father lah, not me), she was on the whole very nice to deal with. She asked me about whether I did some transactions (I said yes, I did) and I gave her the websites that uses PayPal for business transactions. Apparently she was satisfied with the answers I gave and so she thanked me and hung up. Not a bad service, but I wondered why is it only now they are making calls to me? Why was it that when my PayPal account was limited a few months back, they never even bothered contacting me, let alone drop a personal e-mail notice?

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We are all suckers for Google

Sometimes I wonder why our whole online business model depends too heavily on Google? Unfortunately as much as I would like to claim otherwise, mine too is based upon Google’s PageRank algorithm and how it influences their SERPs. Its hard to go for an alternative even though there are others such as Yahoo and MSN because Google’s search results is no doubt the best in the world without question. It may be a competitive search engine market but whether we like it or not, Google is the King and we are their Slaves. Whatever they say or do, we hurriedly try to comply even though we should be targeting all search engines in general.

Until an alternative is found to the situation where we don’t have to rely on the Big G anymore, I doubt things will change in the future.


NT-Brown Cookie Theme for WordPress


NT-Brown Cookie Theme is another free theme released for WordPress and supports the latest version. Nice soothing brown colours which is suitable for a niche blog like cookies, gardening or even a personal blog. The theme is 2-columns, widgets-ready and is SEO-friendly because of its valid XHTML/CSS coding.

Preview the theme and download it.


Arabique Theme for WordPress


Arabique is another theme we have released for WordPress and supports the latest WordPress 2.3.1 version. It has a strong Oriental look with dominating green colours, 2-columns, widgets-ready and most certainly valid XHTML/CSS which makes it SEO-friendly. This theme will be useful for a blog touching on Middle East issues or history.

See the demo and download.


Purple Maple Theme for WordPress


Purple Maple is a 3-columns, widgets-ready theme that supports the latest WordPress 2.3 and is backwards-compatible as well. It comes with a unique purple colour look with yellow tinges which makes it easy to read. Suitable as a personal blog or for blogs with a teenage or young adult taste.

See the demo of the theme and download if you like it.