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Month: November 2007

Webmaster gathering at KL Sentral

Last Saturday there was a gathering at the Starbucks Coffee outlet in KL Sentral, organised for bloggers and webmasters who are members of Webmaster Malaysia, a Malaysian webmasters forum. The event is organised by Exabytes who are also the owners for the forum. It was a very interesting event and I actually get to meet several people whom I have known for months and years online, but never really met in person. I met LiewCF in the flesh, chummed with Zeo and even get to meet the blogging behind Undebug, who turned out to be a fellow college-mate.

More photos of the event can be viewed here.


iContact Community

I found an interesting e-mail marketing community which is called iContact Community. They allow a level of interaction which is similar to social bookmarking websites like Digg and thus this allows visitors to their site to rank, comment or discuss the newsletters that are available at this resource. From looking at it, I can see that the community is a vibrant and active and enables the subscriber to discuss about his marketing email and its contents.

The strong online social networking bond binds all e-mail marketers that participate in iContact Community. Fresh and quality articles can be seen each time you refresh the site and there are a lot of potential blogs and newsletters made for available reading by everyone. The community is especially designed to get the most popular and quality content in the home page of the community and this is a good way to promote your blog or site. Check out the website today.


Some new free WP themes

Here are some WordPress themes which have been released for free by yours truly.

Clean Web 2.0


Ash to Dust






I hope someone out there looking for a free theme will enjoy using one of them as I have enjoyed getting them coded and released for free use by the WordPress community. Consider this my small contribution to the WP community. More free themes will be released in the future.