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Month: December 2007

Online gaming

There are many gaming sites which offer online slots for those who wish to indulge themselves in this past time. However there are many gaming slots websites online, so how do you check out which sites offer the best in online gaming? No need to worry, as you can check out this interesting site at They offer a list of the best sites that offer online gaming for those who are interested to play slots and unwind. Check it out today.


Top USA gaming sites

There are a lot of online casino sites but which ones are of the quality that you should seriously consider? Top USA Online Casinos has come out to help you. This online gaming resource directory located at is a free guide to help US players find online destinations for your playing needs. Generally speaking, the design of the site is simple and sleek to look at. It is very easy to navigate it and it is optimised for high load request.

They give a list of top 10 gaming sites on their main page based on different factors like bonus size, payout rate, customer support, number of games, deposit options, graphics and ease of use. So if you are an USA player, then i believe this site will be helpful for you to find safe and fun online gaming destinations.


PayPal restores my account…for the third time

And for the third time since using PayPal, they have restored my account after limiting it two days ago…again.

Dear Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi,

Our review is complete and we have restored your account.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help in making PayPal
the safest and most trusted online payment solution.


What I am puzzled about the whole deal is why this has to happen in the first place? My account was not just limited once or twice but three times. I have been doing the same activities that I have been doing ever since I opened a PayPal account: buying, selling and trading for webmaster and internet related services. I just simply do not get why I have to be a victim for their “policy”, whatever it is.


Link Muncher Web Directory

Introducing my first free web directory project, Link Muncher Web Directory which I intend to keep as a free web directory for as long as I own it it. This is part of my experimentation with a totally-free web directory. Although it is a free web directory, it should be noted that links submitted will only be approved based on the submission guidelines which you should read first before submitting. MFA, affiliates or redirect websites will not be accepted at all.

So submit to Link Muncher Web Directory today and show that you appreciate this latest effort to maintain a free web directory for your backlinks and SEO needs.


Online shopping cart

These days there are many companies offering their products online in order to reach out and appeal to a wider user base. For these companies, they will often go to a online shopping cart solution in order to better present their products in a website for customers to easily browse and peruse. It works the same way as how a shopping cart in a supermarket works by keeping whatever items you have picked for purchase. When you are done you proceed to the checkout and all that is in the cart will be calculated and payment can be made.

There are many e-commerce software that are available, both paid and open-source, for businesses that wish to get involved in the online business scene. However these solutions will require businesses to invest some money in a reliable hosting which will probably be difficult if they are on a tight budget. A shopping cart software which is self-hosted such as Ashop Commerce is exactly what businesses would need. It provides the ability of an online shopping portal without the hassle of getting support or forking out additional costs for hosting or software upgrade and maintenance. For your online shopping cart needs, check out Ashop Commerce today for the right solution.


Buying gold


Precious metals such as gold or silver have always been the best way to secure an investment, as the value of these items do not depreciate with time and will help secure your investment. Compared to paper money, gold has a value of its own and is able to retain that value even after various economic changes after several years. So do you need to sell or buy gold in the Internet but do not know where is the best and secure place to do it?

This online gold trading resource called might be the answer for you. It provides a unique way for individuals to sell and buy gold online, bypassing the middle-men and communicate directly to each other via international vaults located in Europe. Your gold is also stored secure as it is held by an independent professional bullion market vault operator. For the latest prices of gold, you can check out their gold price chart in order to calculate your investment.