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Month: January 2008

This is my “nature of business”, PayPal

PayPal has limited my account, again, for the fourth time running. I have given them all the details they wanted (i.e., bank statement, utility bill) and guess what? They emailed me again saying that they want me to explain my “nature of business”. I do not know what the hell they want me to do, be a drug pusher? I am tempted to give them a piece of my mind as follows.


I am tired of this nonsense by them, I am closing my account the moment the limitation is lifted.


Moving to valuable real estate

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Check out the website today, you certainly will not regret it.


Technology now more meaningful

The wonders of Moore’s Law and Lab Hot Plates for silicon chip technology are marvelous. And sure, it’s great to see that new 45-nanometer transistors are helping create new and better energy-efficient devices. But it’s more meaningful when we can see how businesses and people are able to use technology in new ways to really improve what they do. That’s why I enjoyed seeing an Intel keynote that didn’t run down a laundry list of new products and feature. Instead, what we saw were a few great show-and-tells that focused on people and how Internet technology is helping us express ourselves, and connect easier and more deeply with those we care about. Sharing more of our interests on the Internet is “feeding the machine,” making the Internet more human-like and part of our daily lives.


Advertlets apologises

To be fair to Advertlets, they did apologise for the domain renewal hiccup they experienced a few days ago which caused a massive script redirect and a lot of frustration among bloggers. I am not serving Advertlets ads and I don’t think I ever will (just one reason why: Glitterati) but I do hope they will recover from this serious customer relations problem.

Trust is always a big factor in the online business. I know that very well.


Really, really BAD web design

You really, really want to see an example of a really bad web design? Check this website out. I would think that, this being part of a government programme and all, they would hire someone of calibre and spend more money on developing a more semantic web and better design, the standard being in CSS/XHTML or with a PHP/MySQL backend. But no, they had to hire some buffoon whose design skills are way below the level of an amateur. Seriously. Even I can come up with a better design than this lousy display that will make your eyes sore.