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Month: April 2008

Applying for a home loan

It is known that these days one is unable to buy a house without applying for a home loan to finance the purchase. The reasons are many but the main reason would probably be because of the higher standards of living these days. However, getting the right home loan for your requirements may not be as easy as it may seem. Many first-time home buyers are unaware of the different options available for them and they often think that a down payment is always required or a bad credit credit makes it impossible to obtain one. However, now you can check out the best home loans available by visiting the Get Smart website. Getting expert advice from this online loans resource will certainly help you a lot. With the affordable price that comes with the quality loan amount at affordable interest rate, you can manage your finances in smart way and maximise the benefits.


How to transfer your domain name to GoDaddy


GoDaddy is known as an extremely popular registrar of domain names. Many people transfer domains in bulk (or just single domains) to GoDaddy because the cost is relatively cheaper and the site is reliable. Many sites that are critical of domain registrarsclaim that GoDaddy is a safe and secure site for transferring domains. Bulk transferring of domain names at Godaddy is considered better than transferring single domain names, since the cost is considerably less. Otherwise, GoDaddy is a good choice even if you want to transfer single domain names.

Here is our guide to show you how to transfer your domain name to GoDaddy.


Getting the right anti-Spyware software

Ever downloaded something from the web and the next thing that happens, you notice something goes wrong with the computer? When something like this happens, there is a very big chance that the system has been infiltrated by a virus, spyware or adware. Everyone surely knows how dangerous viruses can be. It can shutdown the entire computer that will cost the individual a lot of money just to have it repaired. But what about spyware and adware? How dangerous are these?


Blast from the past: Yahoo!

I still remember when I first came across Yahoo! in 1998. At the time I did not know what search engines were and I did had a hard time finding what I needed. Yahoo! was the search engine of that era (before the rise of the Big G) and I did use it for some time but only sparingly. That is, until they bought over Rocketmail and then Geocities. I then had no choice but was “forced” to use their service.

I came across this screenshot of Yahoo! in 1998. Ah, the nostalgia….



Why Google Adsense is essential for your blogs


These days I have been neglecting my focus on optimising my Google Adsense position in my blogs, but I intend to rectify that soon as I come to the realisation that Adsense is essential for websites, especially those which contain a lot of content. The concept behind Adsense is relatively simple, as it involves inserting a Javascript code into a certain website or blog. Each time the page is accessed and shows a related link to a san francisco probate lawyer for example, the Javascript will pull advertisements from the Google Adsense program. The search engine is the one handling all the tracking and payments, providing an easy way for webmasters to display content-sensitive and targeted ads without having the hassle to solicit advertisers, collect funds, monitor the clicks and statistics which could be a time-consuming task in itself. It seems that there is never a shortage of advertisers in the program from which the search engine pulls the Google Adsense ads. Also webmasters are less concerned by the lack of information search engines are providing and are more focused in making cash from these search engines.