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Month: March 2009

Down with the flu

Today I have been doing nothing but sneezing every few minutes or so and I am suffering from a running nose. Pretty sure that I have the flu, or at least am about to get the flu. The Treatment for Symptoms is fortunately very easy as this is merely the signs for a full-blown flu. So the whole day today, I did nothing but drank a lot of fluids and it seems to be working in helping my body fight the flu.

You may think that just because I have the flu, this means I have to take the day off. Well, the answer is no, I don’t. All I have to do is to take things easy and rest a lot. But I still have to face the laptop in order to finish some blogging job offers that I have delayed due to other commitments. In fact, I don’t mind doing this at all as working as a full-time blogger is really a liberating experience. Its certainly something that everyone should consider doing!


Tips on buying and selling websites

In the past years, many people have seen the steady climb of the Internet as a staple in almost all sectors of the human life. In more ways than people know, there are only few individuals making money from people who visit the Internet regularly. Some of these people don’t even know the basic of how to make websites but they make good money just by buying an existing website and operating it or reselling it to a different person.

If you are jobless or somebody who would want to try other business, you can try buying and selling websites. This can be a lucrative business if you make the following considerations.


Maybank VISA debit internet transactions to be enabled

There is good news for those who are looking for a debit card to do online transactions or to verify their PayPal accounts. From a communique that I have recently been privy to (made available to me by a little bird who works in Maybank Credit Card Centre), I was made to understand that Maybank is going to activate their internet transaction acceptance feature for their VISA debit card on the 14th of March 2009. However, this activation is only for internal purposes and the public will only be able to enjoy this feature a week later.

Currently, the Maybank VISA debit card is only able to make purchases offline and does not work with any internet transaction. The reason why Maybank delayed this feature for so long is because of card fraud and they needed to ensure that the security checks are in place.

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Blogging For Money rejuvenated

Last year I spoke about a new theme for Blogging For Money. Well, the theme did went live a few days later but as I was busy with other projects, I could not properly test it. Heck, I didn’t have the time to even announce the emergence of this new theme (as I am doing right now)!

So far, everything seems to run smoothly and I am very happy with this new custom theme for one of my oldest blogs focusing on the making money niche. Yes, I have certainly neglected to update this blog for some time and I certainly cannot fault no one else for this apart from myself. I certainly have to shoulder the blame for not maintaining the blog as I should, since I am focusing more on my other niche blogs rather than this one.