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Month: March 2010

Cheap web hosting from HostNexus

I need to search for a new web hosting provider because my current reseller UK account is quirky and has been giving me some issues. Looking around for cheap web hosting, I chanced upon Host Nexus, a web hosting provider. It appears that this company is fast becoming among the most popular places for webmasters to host their sites. They are able to offer you various types of hosting packages as per your requirements, such as shared hosting, blog hosting, VPS hosting and even Windows Reseller hosting. They’ve built-up years of experience and very good at what they do. Host Nexus also offers a large assortment of ten different web hosting packages for your to choose from for your site, all ranging from $34.95 annually or as low as just $6.95 per month. The ability to host sub-domains is included with some packages, as well as their their MySQL database offering. If you have no idea where to begin, there are no worries about that. Host Nexus also gives its clients an entire portal site of self-help tools along with its customer service, so you will be able to always find the facts that you need quickly.

With all of the great characteristics and its money back-guarantee, Host Nexus web hosting is a sure winner for sites just starting out or large businesses needing to have a serious host provider.


Google Analytics Master Class in Kuala Lumpur

On Thursday, I attended the Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) at Hilton Hotel which was held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur. According to the organisers, it was previously held in Singapore in 2009 and when they saw that many Malaysians flew in to Singapore to attend the seminar, they thought that it would be a good idea to have the GAMC in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore this year. Apparently they didn’t expect the seminar to have such a huge turnout. I, too, along with my friend Malcolm had to wait in a very long queue to enter the hall.

Took a photo of myself, since I was bored waiting for the event to start.


Iron Man 2 trailer on YouTube

The second Iron Man 2 trailer is now available on YouTube. I have to say that I am really impressed with what the trailer showed. It certainly shows that Iron Man is going to be bigger, better and more exciting than the first movie. They even brought the “armour suitcase” back (between the 2:21 – 2:29 minute marks)! Witness also that War Machine is making his debut for the first time…wow!

You can see the trailer below.


CanoScan LiDE 100

If you have been following my other blog, you would know that I recently bought a new, black and shiny scanner (a Canon model) two days ago from Challenger Malaysia store at the Mines Shopping Centre.. I had to get one as the old one (Plustek) which I was using for some 8+ years broke down on me. After having some trouble with it (turns out that the first time around, it was a faulty model), I went back to the store and got it exchanged. Now it is working like a charm.

As you can see, the scanner complements my desktop setup perfectly. Here was its first test image scan and here is its first successful OCR scan.

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