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Month: September 2010 is for sale

I can hardly believe the news myself when I first knew about it but apparently has put themselves up for sale. For those who do not know what is, they are a well-known domain registrar and hosting company and aggressively promote their products through television and internet ads, something other domain registrars rarely do. The company is valued at USD $1 billion.

So who would buy My guess is as good as yours, but I would not be surprised if the big G buys it. In fact I cannot imagine any other buyer apart from them would show interest in a domain registrar like


Obtaining online auto insurance quotes

Auto insurance is a secure way in providing protection for yourself and your vehicle, in case of a sudden mishap. The Ministry of Transport has, for obvious reasons, made it compulsory for drivers to obtain an auto insurance. Obviously, you would want to go to a company which can give the best rates and all vehicle owners are always searching for the same thing. That is why most of them have gone ahead to learn how to find car insurance quotes online. Rather than wasting precious time calling up one company after another to ask them their quotes, you can simply visit a website which compares the auto insurance rate quotes of multiple companies at once, saving time and money and allowing you to find out which company in the vicinity offers the best rate quotes for you.

The no info auto ins quotes video above is a good introduction on how auto insurance quote comparisons can be obtained from various insurance companies, without needing to reveal your personal information. Their experts will also be available to answer your every question on the subject, and will provide helpful tips and policy faqs on how to manage your can insurance needs better. All information provided online is protected with secure encryption and a commitment to user privacy. Check out for the best comparison service and you will not regret it.