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Month: December 2010 will not be shut down

There has been rumours swirling around after slides of a Yahoo! meeting was exposed, suggesting that, a very well-known bookmarking service will be shut down. Naturally I was worried about the issue as I myself am an active user as well. However, since the news was not officially from Yahoo! I decided to sit back and await an official confirmation. As it turns out, I was not disappointed. Yahoo! has finally come out with an official statement saying that they are not planning to shut down, but will consider selling it instead.

No real reason for me to panic, after all. I will still continue using until further notice.


Afraid of the competition?

A local blog aggregator once touted as the “PPS Killer” (I am not going to name it, since I don’t believe in bad-mouthing the “competitor”) has banned PPS’ feeds from their system. I wonder if they are afraid of the “competition”?

Frankly the only reason I added PPS’ feed to their aggregator is because I can. I don’t really think highly of their service, since it just republishes feeds automatically with no community participation attached to it. Not to mention that it loads really slow. But I consider it a compliment for PPS to be banned from their service. I think they must be afraid of the new PPS revamp. Truth be told, however, I never considered it to be a serious “competitor” to PPS, even when PPS was down for three months.