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Month: March 2011

MyBlogLog to be shut down by Yahoo!

Just when I was thinking of expanding the usage of this service on all my websites and blogs, Yahoo! just had to drop the bombshell by announcing that they will shut down MyBlogLog starting from 24th May 2011 onwards.

Apart from Delicious and Flickr, MyBlogLog is probably the only service affiliated with Yahoo! that I am using heavily at the moment. Its really a shame that they had to shut down such a great service which allows you to see who had viewed your website or blog. I really do not understand what Yahoo! is up to. Perhaps this is a telling sign that Yahoo! will be going bust anytime soon.


I see a “most unfortunate fifty-eight” goon

I have no idea why the most unfortunate fifty-eight decided to stop by this blog, but since he is following it he might want to see how he has been exposed for the lying, conniving schemer he really is. Old man, you are not welcomed on any web property belonging to me and I prefer to never see your face or hear of you ever again for the rest of my natural life.

Go fuck yourself, fuck your fat ugly wife and fuck your party UMNO.