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Month: May 2013

Our experience with Virgin Islands payday lenders

We had an interesting experience with some Virgin Islands payday lenders. We have a house in the Virgin Islands so we spend a lot of time there. We decided we were going to spend a year there because we needed some time away. We love the mainland United States but sometimes we feel like we just need a break. We enjoy how carefree the islands are. Sometimes we just need that space and downtime. While we were there we realized we needed more money than we were making. That was when we decided to look into Virgin Islands payday lenders. We just needed something to get us through until the next payday.

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How to win fuel vouchers

There are various types of fuel vouchers, from the type which offer a reward of free gasoline, or in the form of one-time-coupons for you to redeem, which reduce your cost. They are more common in the UK and Australia, but they are now becoming more popular in the United States. There are ways to win fuel vouchers from vendors, so we will give you a few quick pointers to aid you in that endeavor.

Firstly, pay attention to department store and supermarket special offers and promotions. It is usually a good idea to sign up to their email mailing list, and search for their advertising flyers in the newspaper, or online. Now, more than ever, these types of stores are trying to entice more customers by offering fuel vouchers and fuel coupons because of the higher costs.

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