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Advertlets bites the dust?

Has Advertlets gone down under (and no, I am not referring to Australia)? I have never used them anyway so I do not know what has actually happened. But someone alerted me that their domain had expired and some bloggers have complained about the issue since it was down. Even if it was a simple mistake such as forgetting to renew their domain (which I personally think is unlikely), I find it hard to foresee that they will recover from this flurry of bad press they are currently receiving.

In any case, if they have really gone bust, I have a few ideas on what to do with that domain….


  1. Adlina
    Adlina January 6, 2008

    First, their ads code messed up my comment form, causing the ‘submit’ button to cease functioning. And then they redirect all sites that have their codes installed to someplace stupid… It’s not only us bloggers they have to face. I’d like to see them face the advertisers! Oh, and their support is extremely slow!


  2. esther
    esther January 6, 2008

    Advertlets no money pay bill?

    I wonder how would Josh Lim handle the damage control now…

  3. Boo Cookie
    Boo Cookie July 22, 2012

    I noticed that they offer both of those degrees. The Master of Commerce degrees are awarded by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the respective school for the most part. The MBA is always awarded by the Business School of that school. Both degrees are unbelievably expensive.

    What is the main difference between these two degrees and how are they regarded? How would employers in the US distinguish between the Master of Commerce from Australia and the MBA from there?
    It’s not an MS degree. They call them “Master of Commerce” and those degrees are in general business, not a particular field such as accounting or finance.

  4. Paul M
    Paul M August 19, 2012

    Hearing the news from neighbourhood that they relatives returned back from Australia after 10 years of living in Perth. When checking back to the news, it was a report in the beginning of 2012 (this year) that even 20 years UK migrant left Australia back to their hometown and never hope to be back…Why? I just had my PR status and wondering should i still heading there?

  5. Travoiz
    Travoiz November 9, 2012

    I’m in Australia right now for the month, and the drinking age here is 18. Not only that, but it is very poorly enforced, and anyone who looks over 20 or 21 usually doesn’t get carded.

    Drunk driving is a very rare occurrence here compared to the US. Not only that, but minors drink relatively responsibly here. I haven’t seen kids get sh*t faced at bars the way they do at home.

    Do you think this is an example of the US trying to over-regulate? If the drinking age were reduced, would it help people drink responsibly?

  6. musicistabest
    musicistabest November 9, 2012

    I have to expose government tactics that Australia used.
    I need examples, i think Darwin bombing is one but i need to show how the government is lying to the public to join ww2 thanks.

  7. Sergeant Pickle
    Sergeant Pickle November 11, 2012

    Australia is always being accused of imitating other big countries of the western world, such as england and americas “fast food tradition”.
    But what are some reasons to suggest that Australia is not an imitator, but rather a country of inovation.

  8. thinkthought
    thinkthought November 12, 2012

    A friend has applied for a Working Holiday Visa to Australia. The VISA has been granted, however he has an outstanding court summons and is concerned he may not be permitted in to Australia. What is the legal rulings on this?

  9. PolishPokeyPimp
    PolishPokeyPimp November 12, 2012

    We bought a poodle in Australia.However we live in Qatar,so if we return to australia what is the quarintine time for bringing the poodle back into australia?

  10. David
    David November 14, 2012

    I am planning to be travelling Australia late next year and would like some suggestions of what i should see and do while i’m over there. I will be in OZ for 1-2 Years so plenty of time.

  11. timq3dimensionscom
    timq3dimensionscom November 15, 2012

    I sent a parcel from Australia to Germany and am trying to track it. I can track it until it left Australia on the Aust post site but that’s as far as it gets. How do I track it further?

  12. Rishi
    Rishi November 15, 2012

    How do i go australia,can i get job directly without studying there,can i get PR of australia?

  13. rashest_hippo
    rashest_hippo November 18, 2012

    I’ll be travelling from US to Sydney Australia in May. My phone service company currently in US is T-mobile. I want to purchase a sim card when I arrive. What sim card can anyone recommend, that has the cheapest calls, when making local calls and receiving calls in Australia?

  14. easton j
    easton j November 19, 2012

    I’m in Australia and i know it comes out today but what time?

  15. TommyKay
    TommyKay November 19, 2012

    And how effective the Commonwealth of Australia’s Constitutionn is in protecting rights?

  16. uberfailz
    uberfailz November 20, 2012

    why is cricket not a popular sport in australia and england?is there anyone who doesnt know what is cricket in australia and england?is the ashes series important in australia and uk?why is cricket not a popular sport?why are only sports like football and rugby popular?is the sport of cricket having no existence especially in australia and uk?football and rugby are only popular in australia and uk?cricket is non-existent in australia and uk?cricket not even stands in top 10 sports of australia and uk?

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