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“Advertletshing”? Seems to be a fad

Seems to be that “Advertlertshing” (Advertisement Alerts Bashing…yeah, I made the term up) has suddenly become a popular fad in the Malaysian blogosphere. You can easily see that from the numerous pings in PPS on that topic. Sure does look like fun…

Seriously, however, I think I should reserve my opinion about them because I have never put up any of their codes in my Kerajaan MENJ list. And I don’t have any reason to do so. As one may see, Nuffnang is the official blog advertising partner of the Kerajaan MENJ network. Let’s just say that when I first came to knew of them on that fateful morning (when I saw their ad in a Google Adsense advert in Rojak’s Daily), something inside my head tells me that they will become big. I mean big.

Its either that, or maybe its because I find that the blue background with the funny stickman intriguing and very Web 2.0-ish.


  1. Maria
    Maria June 2, 2007

    So, how much have you made from nuffnang?

    [MENJ: A few ringgit more to my first Nuffnang cheque 🙂 ]

  2. Fahmishah
    Fahmishah June 2, 2007

    i have no luck with nuffnang..damn!

  3. aman
    aman June 4, 2007

    i just use both for my blog.. 😀

  4. aman
    aman June 4, 2007

    and…i will try to expand my KERAJAAN AMANZ into english soon.. 😀

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