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Bad credit auto loans

You may wish to own a car but you are unsure as to how you are going to obtain the credit, what with all your bad credit debts that you have accumulated due to financing your house or credit card. But do you know that it is still possible to get auto loans bad credit for a car, even despite a bad credit?

Of course you may wonder as to how is it possible for a bad credit to obtain a loans. But with Pierre Money Mart, which is one of the world’s largest and leading auto financiers, they are able to finance anyone even if that person has a bad credit. After all, bad credit auto loans is their specialty. They offer a wide variety of services and they will guarantee a bad credit car loan for people like you who may have a history of bad credit. For example, you can get a fast loan approval during bankruptcy as they offer slow payments with no hassles.

The best part of the whole deal is that they deal with auto lenders across the state, which will not make it difficult for you to obtain that loan. They will finance just about any car, whether it is a Toyota or a Mercedes or an Audi. In addition, they will even extend their help to military personnel. You can thus see that Pierre Money Mart clearly cares about their clients.

So why delay any longer, get a loan with Pierre Money Mart today!


  1. Lia-lu-li
    Lia-lu-li July 19, 2012

    I have heard that Capitol One approves auto loans for people with poor credit for purchases from a private seller. But I don’t want to apply and get denied, which will damage my credit even further. Can anyone give me any ideas about this or know of any companies that are guaranteed to give bad credit auto loans to people who want to purchase from a private seller, not a dealer?

  2. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused
    Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused August 18, 2012

    I’m a student and kinda stuck in getting a auto loan. Basically, I need a car to get to work, to get a car I need a auto loan, to get a auto loan I need a job (to show the proof of employment). So, how am I suppose to get a auto loan with a bad credit, no co-signer and no employment? I would really appreciate any help!!!
    I live on campus and the transportation system here sucks (Houston, Texas). It’s next to impossible to get a job on-campus because it’s very competitive. I’m trying my best to get some kind of loan to get a decent car. Thanks for your responses though!

  3. Johnky J
    Johnky J August 18, 2012

    I’m interested in a private loan company that specializes in bad credit auto loans. I do not want the type of loan where they refer you to 20 different dealers. I already have a vehicle in mind through a private seller. How can I just get a bad credit auto loan that has no referrals for dealers???

  4. Maggie
    Maggie August 22, 2012

    I have bad credit but no major issues like bankruptsy, child support or anything like that….I make great money and am trying to re-establish credit…I know there are banks out there tied to dealerships that will finance me but I want to buy from a private owner and go directly through an independant bank. I plan to put down about 50% cash? Please help!

  5. Stevalicious
    Stevalicious August 27, 2012

    And I am looking for a GTI or a Jetta or I guess anything else that is from 4-$8000….What should I be lokoing for as a good interest %? and how much should I ask for, for each payment each month? I am going to Pierre Money Mart!

  6. nyyankees1123
    nyyankees1123 September 10, 2012

    hi. i go to target, wal-mart, tx maxx, carson pierre scott, and everywhere! where to get still? how much? any cheap? this is no joke. thank you
    ps. did you put your halloween decorations? what do you have? how much money you spend? thank you

  7. thinkthought
    thinkthought November 16, 2012

    can i get car with bad credit

  8. Matthew
    Matthew November 19, 2012

    I need to get a new car and need a loan. I have bad credit though. I have applied to numerous banks online and been rejected. Does anyone have some ideas?

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