Baja Real Estate

One day, when the time is right for me and I have enough to earn, I would probably buy a real estate property with a beach-front as a “vacation house” if I want to go there with my family. That, plus the fact that it makes good business sense to do so as a long-term investment (renting it out with a high price comes to mind). The coastal real estate market is booming, so Baja Real Estate properties would be a good idea to take a look at. Many beach-front real estate properties are for sale there, specifically in the Baja California area.

Buy a house in Baja and you can use it as a vacation home to take your mind off work. After all, what is there to lose when you take the time off and get away from the stress of regular life? There is a long list of Baja Real Estate Listings that are available for sale, it will no doubt make you be spoilt for choice. Ah, the dream of staying in a beautiful Baja villa sure entices me. I am sure she would like it. If I have more money, I would go for Mexico Real Estate.

Okay, enough daydreaming. Getting back to blogging for money now.


  1. Looking for apt or house or condo or suite style hotel. Need bedroom that closes off from a living area and a patio or balcony. Also would like to be in town, do not have to be on water.

  2. Long story short, I was given real estate property about 10 years ago by my father and now I can’t handle the property taxes. In any case, I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers – actually they are step-brothers/sisters. I live in another state then where the property is located (Hawaii).

    I have my own property and the last thing I want to get caught up in is a family squabble. My father gave me another piece of property where I am now renting the house for the past few years. I’ll keep that one, but I really want to pass the other property to my siblings and not have to deal with it ever. (The upkeep, the taxes, the insurance, etc.)

    I have heard of using a quit claim deed, but I head it may not hold up in court. How do I pass this property to them in an easy, no hassle, low-cost, less paper kind of way?

    Side info: There are no liens on the property – it is paid off – free and clear.

    Thank you to all who can help me with this question.


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