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Some commonly discussed myths about SEO

Within the past few years after SEO evolved there already have been so many advancements in this field of coupons and it is expected that there are more advancements to come. There is tons of knowledge available regarding SEO and one can get really confused with so much information. They can misinterpret certain details and create myths of their own. Following are the most common myths that you must have heard about SEO:

1. It is really good to find keywords or keyword phrases after careful evaluation and once you have found unique but interesting keywords it does not mean that you use them everywhere in your website believing that they will give you higher rating in the search engines. You do have to use original keywords but at appropriate places and not all over the content of your web page because it confuses the search engines to recognize your page and post them in their result pages.

2. Many people believe that the more quality links you will make the better rating you will get in the search engines. This is completely wrong because quantity of links does not matter what matter is that the links you have are of really good quality. The links should be proper websites and not scams otherwise search engines will discard you from their result pages.

3. People think that SEO is just a bunch of coupon codes strategies that you have to perform on your website and get done with it. This is not what SEO is about because it is an ongoing process. You have to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO advancements so that you can optimize your web page accordingly. Similarly, you have to keep updating your website as well because people like fresh material, you will not get high traffic unless you adhere to changes.

Many people think that it is useless to use images and videos on your website because it is not important for search engines. However, now it is very much important for you to post images and videos on your blog or website because search engines highly regard this aspect and rank the websites according to the useful material they have be it in text form or images form.

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