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Competition Among Kids on Social Media Helps Me Figure out How to Buy Instagram Followers

Our daughter asked me how one of her friends on social media could have so many followers. She told me how she could have more followers than the number of people that are in their school or even town for that matter. I wondered that myself. I know that I heard a long time ago that most people have at least 200 people they could loosely call a friend. This kid had thousands and thousands of followers. I found out that you could buy Instagram followers to boost up your numbers. Kids see it as sort of a social competition. Kind of like getting higher up in the pecking order.

When I showed her how the other girl was doing it, I asked her what the big deal was. She said that some kids were using it to gauge who was popular in the school and who was not. She had all real followers on Instagram that were people she knew as well as relatives and some acquaintances. The other kid could not possibly know that many thousands of people. I started to think how being able to do this would be a pretty decent help for businesses starting up a new social media presence. You could go from no followers to a whole bunch overnight. Doing that would get the stuff you are posting out there to a bunch more people a whole lot quicker.

As a treat for our daughter, we slowly began to add followers to her Instagram account until she had more than the one girl in school that had an insane amount of them. The girl actually asked her how she found out how she was boosting the amount of followers she had because she said she knew that our daughter was doing the same thing. Not that you would want to do that much with your own personal account, but I can see how adding to the number of Instagram followers you have would really help with your business. It would make you look cool to the masses as well. I wonder if some celebrities do this?

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