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  1. I have brown eyes, and would like to try blue contacts. What contact lenses brand would you recommend for lightening dark eyes?

  2. I am beggining to think I have an allergic reaction to my contact solution Opti-Free RepleniSH, this causes my eyes to appear bloodshot. What are some alternatives that I could use rather than continuing to use my contact solution.

  3. What are some drills to improve my contact and ball-striking. It has been very inconsistent. I am hitting a lot of fat and thin shots. I am also picking up my head up a lot, or it feels like that. What are some drills, tips or swing thought to improve my contact?

  4. I wear contact lenses and I use the 14 day ones. I usually wear my contacts 3-4 times a week. When not used they are stored in it’s case soaked with the multi-purpose solution. But how often must I change the solution?

  5. I just got contact lenses and wanted to get theatrical ones just to mess around with and scare some people. I want to know how well you are able to see through the lenses. Is it like looking through regular contacts?

  6. So, I have monthly contact lenses that been in a seal package. I have not open the seal package or wear the contacts. Can I still wear them now? I think I got my contact a half year ago from my doctor. Thank for the help.

  7. Any soft contact lenses.
    What is the longest period of time it can be in your eyes (safely).

    Thanks you
    Well, they are montly disposal contact lens. My brand is called Ultraflex™toric.
    I don’t mean how many days or months, what i meant is how many hours can it sit in ur eyes.
    Also, can i wear them for 12-14 hours?

  8. They sell fake counterfeit contact lenses and claim that those were genuine GEO contact lenses.
    Their product descriptions also state that the contact lenses were YEARLY disposable but it has been reported that they had to be disposed within a MONTH.

    Would the online retailer be charged with
    Trademark infringement?
    Product misrepresentation?

    Am i correct? What other business crime has the internet retailer committed?

  9. I have a contact that was added without my knowledge and they send vulgar, sexually explicit messages. I have blocked them but want to delete them from my contact list. How do I do that?

  10. Every time i make eye contact while talking to a girl, she will ask why i’m staring at her. Then when i don’t make eye contact with her, she ask why i’m not making eye contact and that it shows lack of confidence.

  11. I wear O2Optix contact lenses, and I was wondering how to make it so people can’t tell that you are wearing contacts.

  12. I contact lenses manufactured by Acuvue. I don’t know the specific model. Can I wear the contacts up to 12 hours a day if I clean they properly? Do contacts actually reduce vision, causing some to resort back to eyeglasses?

  13. I would like to start making money blogging. Can someone lead me in the right direction? There are so many free sites, kits, etc? Don’t know where to start?

  14. I’m a strapped-for-cash college student with much too little time to get a job (plus in my area, there’s no where hiring). I’ve heard that people can blog or write articles for money, but the only real things I’ve seen about it are people selling this information, or have scam-looking websites. So if someone could tell me how to go about starting a blog for money, and how much it pays, I would be so grateful.

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