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Defaced by a hackers group from Morocco

For those who were unfortunate enough to visit this blog during its short time of crisis yesterday, the screenshot above was what they would have seen in their browser. I was initially alerted to the issue by a friend over Twitter and immediately checked out the problem. True enough, this blog was indeed defaced by stupid kids who have nothing better to do on the eve of Eid. So I went about fixing the problem immediately. The first thing I did was to access the CPanel/FTP account but I was unable to at first. It seems that these hackers had not only defaced the site, but also changed my CPanel/FTP password as well. Fortunately, what these idiots did not know is that I have a reseller account and hence, access to WHM. It was a simple matter for me to change the password back to my configuration, access the FTP and then delete their added index.html and replace their hacked index.php files back to normal.

After discovering the defacement for this blog, I checked my blog network and it seems that not only this blog was attacked, but also several other blogs and websites as well, including 2 Islamic-oriented websites. I have no idea why my network was subjected to this attack from this hackers’ group. I suppose its their idea of fun and pissing off someone who have put a lot of effort into developing niche blogs and Islamic sites online. If I know who the people responsible for this are, I will give them a good, hard smack on the face for wasting my time and causing a great inconvenience to many of my readers who visit my niche blogs and websites.


  1. Paul M
    Paul M November 19, 2012

    I have not made my profile private. The public is free to view. But why do my blog views go up so much when they are not checking out my profile?

    How do you access people’s blogs without viewing their profile? How do you search for latest blog entries? I see a link to most popular blogs but I can’t find a way to access latest blogs or see access to the myspace blogs only.

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