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Getting the right domain name

Creating a domain is easy when you know you have a unique name. However, even then, it can be difficult to register a .COM even if you have a unique name. Billions of sites have already been registered with a .COM, but there are some ways around this if you really want a specific site name. You can always use a domain registration service to find variations on a particular name. For example, you can find cheap domain register at that will offer you up to 20 or more variations on a .COM domain including variations with other top level domains like .NET, ORG or .BIZ. In addition, you can get creative with your domain name like adding a transition word such as “a” or “the.” If you’re trying to create a company site, you can also put “co” or “company” somewhere in the domain. There are also abbreviations, or you could try registering the slogan of your company if you plan on using that to market your site.

In some cases, it’s better to backorder a site name. The first step to do this is to look through the WHOIS database to find out who owns the domain. Then you can backorder or even contact the owner to see if it’s available for purchase. However, this is probably much more expensive than simply finding a variation. When all else fails, why not come up with another domain name or creative company name that will work just as well? You can even use a domain name generator to get the perfectly quirky domain.

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