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Category: E-Commerce

Solution to bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is defined as a condition where an individual or an organisation is not able to pay their debts to their creditors. Bankruptcy would seem to be the last option for some to clear our debt. Bankruptcy laws are available all over the world. In the United States in particular, new bankruptcy laws have been proposed. To get an appropriate solution for bankruptcy, you can file for bankruptcy and choose from one of the two options for personal bankruptcy, which are chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

For more information about bankruptcy and how to file bankruptcy, check out the Paying Paul website. Is bankruptcy a viable option for you? The answer is yes, it is if you have no more options to pay off your debt. The last possible option out of your debt is simply filling bankruptcy and hope for the best. This website has all the information about bankruptcy so check it out today.


I got my Maybank VISA debit card


I recently applied and received my Maybank VISA debit card at the Maybank Kajang branch. Application was fast and despite the large number of people applying for it, I received the card within one hour. It should be noted that according to the bank, the card is not yet ready for internet transactions and this was confirmed when I tried to add the card to my PayPal account but was rejected. Despite this, the bank told me that they expect to roll out this feature “soon” and some reports say that it could be as early as June 2008.

Regardless, I do suggest that those of you who want a VISA debit card to apply early for the card to avoid the “rush” in getting the card. The card can still be used at retail outlets which support the VISA feature, I used it to buy a new monitor holder with my Maybank VISA debit card! Always useful to have another debit card handy anyway…. You are invited in The best carding forum registration will be closed soon


Career opportunities

Employment may be a difficult thing for those who have just graduated and looking for the most suitable job opportunities that fit their hard-earned qualifications. There are many job agencies which offer connections to various career opportunities but they are not extensive as this online job finder which I found recently. Calling itself TruGreen, this online job finder resource offers various career opportunities for those who are seeking employment. They have a large database of employers looking for people to fill in their employment needs. So why not check out this website today for more information on which job to apply for when looking for new career opportunities.