Emporium Business theme released

I am pleased to announce that in partnership with Emporium Directory, there is now a free WordPress theme for you to download and use on your blog. Emporium Business Theme is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme with a clean and professional look that is suitable for business or personal blogs with a touch of class to it. Made possible by Emporium Directory and coded by Cypherhackz.

Please do not remove the links in the footer as they help in making this theme possible.

Demo version of the theme. Download the theme today!


  1. I own an online mystikal store and am in need of other drop ship/ wholesaler of metaphysical , Renaissance,new age ,gothic drop shippers besides azure green i am looking to expand my product line and especially for clothing and unique items i know there are directories for sale but do not know a reliable now, one so does anyone have any contacts or names of companies i can check out please desperate for new items!!! please email me at mystikmamas_emporium@yahoo.com any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Dropshippers that are reliable from overseas ok as long as they are creditable Blessed Be~ Kathi

  2. Okay, I’ve created a website, but I am looking for a place to advertise. I don’t want the advertising to cost anything…
    When I go onto google and search things up, it gives me lists of my search results, right? But how do I get my website on those lists (and no, I do NOT mean the list of sponsored ads!)
    I will be very grateful for any advice you can provide me with. Thanks. Happy new year!

  3. I’ve been searching for a while using google, msn and yahoo.
    I am looking for a website(s) that list well written classified web pages online. These classified web pages should be search engine friendly with well written content.

    Search engine friendly I mean: no ? marks ylt;#? in URL’s, no hidden text or links and no spam.

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