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Announcing Emporium Directory, a general web directory containing quality and hand-picked listings at affordable rates. This is a PR3 general directory and we are expected to have a higher PR after the next Google update of our directory. Emporium Directory is aimed at connecting webmaster and user of the internet communities under one roof and provides them opportunity to add and visit links and reprocessed items in a highly competitive and easier environment.

Emporium Directory will help you to find new website traffic, it is a low-cost advertisement to your industry, it helps you to lower your inventory level and does much more. The blog feature is another way to prove that Emporium Directory is not just another web directory among thousands of others, but it is a serious, trusted and useful web resource for webmasters and website owners that can offer help in making their websites popular and profitable. Submit to our directory to increase your backlinks, popularity and traffic.


  1. I own an online mystikal store and am in need of other drop ship/ wholesaler of metaphysical , Renaissance,new age ,gothic drop shippers besides azure green i am looking to expand my product line and especially for clothing and unique items i know there are directories for sale but do not know a reliable now, one so does anyone have any contacts or names of companies i can check out please desperate for new items!!! please email me at mystikmamas_emporium@yahoo.com any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Dropshippers that are reliable from overseas ok as long as they are creditable Blessed Be~ Kathi

  2. I need more tips onoptimizing this site.
    I am happier with it now that the kind people here have given me many suggestions and am ready for more.
    Be brutally honest please, i really need this site to get more than the paltry 800-900 a day it is getting so far.

  3. To make a long story short my bass got all scratched up and I want to get it painted can any one tell me ware I can get a paint job in lousville ky???

  4. what are some ways into promoting websites..?
    besides the usuall networking… and talking to people online and letting them know of your site??

    anybody have any suggestions??

    ………………………………….more questions……
    do you have a website?
    how many visoters do you get?
    is it big??
    how did you get these vistors!?

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