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Ethical issues concerning the Internet

On one hand, the Internet satisfies the legitimate desire of people for free access to information, especially when other sources of information are not available or restricted by government and other institutions. It is a valuable tool for students and others who want to use Internet data for their formal academic work and for their efforts at deepening their education.

Ordinary people use the Internet for more information on their health, on products and services offered by business websites, their rights and choices, and other concerns. Tattoos, for example. An increasing number use the Internet to express their opinions, support certain demands and causes, and engage in democratic dialogue.

Many Internet users uphold an ethical code or stance that promotes the right to free speech, to access to information that affects them, and free exchange of ideas. Several governments, wary of the Internet, have already taken steps to control people’s access to it. Human rights organizations have already reported these incidents. On the other hand, there is the problem of ensuring that people such as sexual predators should be prevented from using the Internet to abuse children and the like. However this is difficult to do with the way the Internet receives and transmits information. Technology has made the Internet possible and enabled its expansion to all aspects of human life. However technology will not suffice and cannot answer the ethical problems related to the Internet and its use. People have to shoulder that responsibility. To develop Internet ethics people have to remember the following:

The Internet is not a separate but an integral part of human society. Therefore, laws and practices that are internationally accepted should be observed and respected even in the Internet. One example is respect for child rights, including protection from sexual predators that use the internet. Respect for all cultures and opinions should also operate in the cyber realm, since Internet users come from all countries, and vary in their religion, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation and political persuasion. Governments, organizations and individuals should bear their own responsibility for keeping the Internet a useful tool for human advancement.

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