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First Nuffnang cheque arrives

Last night after coming back from watching Die Hard 4.0 (a truly geeky/action-explosive experience!), I was groping around the mailbox as usual and I found an envelope addressed to myself. At first I thought it was my debit card statement, but it was in a plain white envelope with no other markings. It couldn’t be my Google Adsense cheque either, I thought to myself, because I had received that two days earlier. So I ripped the envelope open and this was what I found inside….


Woohoo…my first Nuffnang cheque, after four months! Considering that this is the first cheque, it is not bad really.

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  1. aad_lfcfn
    aad_lfcfn July 19, 2007

    Wow, congrat with that earnings. I have no luck with Nuffnang so I don’t dream for their cheque right now.

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