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  1. alantanblog
    alantanblog February 28, 2010

    Look like NO ONE could escape Google-slapped!! 🙂

  2. Samuro
    Samuro July 20, 2012

    Is he still responsible? What do you think?

  3. Jonathan
    Jonathan July 20, 2012

    had he been captured ?
    I can t make it any clearer than that.

  4. ibjammin44
    ibjammin44 July 23, 2012

    wich country you wish to lead to hitler to trial ?

  5. Beavis
    Beavis July 31, 2012

    but all the Jews he killed are going to be tortured in hell for eternity? Is this the God you worship?

  6. unbleevable39
    unbleevable39 August 2, 2012

    Their countries had the same immigration problem as the “evil” US of A?

  7. PillowMan1234
    PillowMan1234 August 8, 2012

    That’s what some woman on TV last night was saying.
    That Bush would go down in history as the most hated man ever.
    Do you agree with this intelligent woman?

  8. lildevilgurl152004
    lildevilgurl152004 August 9, 2012

    Can’t they use some legitimate analogies or at least focus on the real issues, such as the economy, war, and health care?

  9. Rkmc
    Rkmc August 17, 2012

    Can’t they use some legitimate analogies or at least focus on the real issues, such as the economy, war, and health care?

  10. Brendan O
    Brendan O August 20, 2012

    That’s how pathetic you really are.
    “she is a smart girl”

    Seriously? Seriously…

  11. Cole
    Cole September 22, 2012

    How did Adolf Hitler become in charge of the Germany during the wars because if you think about it closely, he was an ordinary person but then suddenly he was the ruler of Germany and every German troop followed him and was scared of him, as if they were scared if they wouldn’t, he would kill them which he probably would.

  12. stingerms
    stingerms September 27, 2012

    Hyperinflation could have been a reason for Nazi takeover of Germany and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The hyperinflation had a negative impact on the Weimar Republic; much of the middle class, who had held cash savings, had lost all their confidence in the democratic politicians. It also created anger towards Germany’s bankers, many of them Jewish, whom the government and press blamed for the hyperinflation.

    Is this crrect what i have written?

  13. uberfailz
    uberfailz October 14, 2012

    Why did other European nations not stop Adolf Hitler’s aggressive take over of additional territories??? It’s for my history HW.
    Please help!

  14. Echo
    Echo October 21, 2012

    During the Night of the Long Knives Hitler ordered the death of the SA’s leadership and others who had opposed Hitler in Nazi Germany. President Obama just criticizes those who opposed him.
    Adolf Hitler‘s estimated death toll was 6 million Jews, 5 million others including Gypsies, Poles, and homosexuals.

  15. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag
    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag October 27, 2012

    This Roman Catholic Swiss citizen made an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1938.
    He was executed by guillotine in the Berlin-Plötzensee prison on the morning of May 14, 1941.

  16. Flash Funk
    Flash Funk November 3, 2012

    I think that as a military leader, Adolf Hitler sucked.

    What do you think?
    @Vishnu: The only reason why not a shot was fired was because the British and French wanted to do all that they could to avoid another war and so warned Adolf Hitler that if he did invade Poland there would be another war.

    I love it how people such as yourself are attempting to re-write history in order to suit your own agenda.

  17. Eric
    Eric November 4, 2012

    Or is there a difrrent leader that mimics the ways of Adolf Hitler?

  18. Heath
    Heath November 8, 2012

    This is my own personal opinion briefly summarized:

    “In my personal opinion, there is no doubt that Adolf Hitler held an extremely negative view of Black people. That he deemed them to be racially inferior to Aryans and therefore worthy of only either enslavement or extermination. However I do not think that he had the same revulsion and hatred for Blacks that he did for Jews, more of a detatched contempt than anything else.”

    Do you agree or disagree?

  19. ericmreitz
    ericmreitz November 9, 2012

    How was one men like Adolf Hitler, capable of ruining a whole German nation and bring it to it’s knee’s? How? I still can’t understand that phenomen even so I had European history in my undergraduate studies.

  20. unbleevable39
    unbleevable39 November 10, 2012

    Adolf Hitler was a genius in mass manipulation and mind control. He was a madman that people to his last dieing breath still had loyalty to him.

    Is our government not the same type of genius? It has convinced everyone that not only robbing them blind was okay, its even legal and nothing is wrong with it.

    Income Tax.

  21. simply complicated
    simply complicated November 10, 2012

    I have to do a holocaust project for english and need to find out what influence Adolf Hitler had during his time?
    any help is appreciated! thank you!

  22. John
    John November 15, 2012

    Were all Germans convinced they had to attack Poland ? Were they all for the annexation of Austria ?

    Weren’t there any anti war people ?

    How did Hitler quiet the “liberals” of his day …. the anti war crowd the anti torture crowd the ones who suggested it was Germany that was the aggressor not the world ……. the ones who seriously questioned the science presented for German superiority to other races as taught in school ?

    How did he silence the Professors who disagreed with the “new” science ?

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