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How to make money from the internet

One would have to be an utter buffoon or just willfully ignorant if he (or she) claims that once you turn to “problogging”, there is no life for you apart from the internet. I really and truly pity such people who prefer to go to an office at 9 AM in the morning, sit at his (or her) desk all day, get ordered around (or scolded by) the boss, and then come back home at 5 PM, dreading tomorrow where the routine would be repeated all over again. For me, it is such people who actually has no life.

But I am not telling you that you should immediately quit your job and turn to blogging and start doing paid postings. I don’t think that this is something that just about anyone can do unless he (or she) has the technical skills, writing acumen to captivate readers and of course, the willpower to weather criticism and ridicule from those who know nothing about it. And one should remember that there are other online ventures that one can earn money from that is not related to blogging, such as selling text links on high PR websites, starting bid directories and making web directories. These are all potential startups for a regular income.

Anyway, there is this article I found called How To Make Money On The Internet. The author gives several ways of how internet marketers have been conducting their transactions online for the past few years and I think that this is something that one can try (for the record, I am slowly venturing into the field). Note this passage:

It’s now just a case of sitting back and watching the visitors and the sales come in. Yeah right! You’ve got to keep on top of your marketing; why not consider search engine optimization to boost your rankings in Google and Yahoo? There are loads of options open to you, and with a bit of time and effort, you can really make money on the internet, and kiss the boss goodbye!

No one said that problogging/internet marketing is going to be easy or that you are on your way to riches. But I personally feel that is better than being a kuli batak to some ignoramous who happens to be your boss!


  1. Fahmishah
    Fahmishah April 17, 2007

    for me.i like blog than work.for me blog give me a lot of information.but we must be wise to use our internet to make some profit.

  2. ashotiwoth
    ashotiwoth April 17, 2007

    i blog when i like, and i surfed net when i’m not blogging…with paid blogging, i’m motivated further to blog, when i know the money is there for me… and with nuffnang coming to picture, i have to built traffic too…

    i guessed once u have the basics (contents, traffic, followers) it’s easier for you get residual income from whatever you are doing with your site… to get that it’s definitely hardwork… unless……you are paying people to do it for you lah 🙂

  3. sss1979
    sss1979 April 18, 2007

    I am a SAHM and I cant go out to work but I like I choose to blogging.. and just started in feb sign up PPP and earning abit. Hubby working very hard he is 24 hours on call for his job for 7 days.

  4. papajoneh
    papajoneh April 18, 2007

    I like blogging bcoz it gives me freedom to tell whatever i like and of course be able to meet friend. Making money online is just the bonus of doing all this blogging. furthermore, if it can help in your payment… why not? great post here. 🙂

  5. newopps
    newopps April 22, 2007

    i was initially enjoy reading ppl’s blog but lazy to have my own blog. i do think that maintaining was the most difficult part of blogging.

    till i found out the momentum that will keep me blogging, that’s making some money from my blog.

    no harm having some extra income with just blogging…i will keep it up to have my paid post, getting second resources as part of my mothly income was always my dream…wish me good luck for my dream to come true…

  6. dubmecrazy3
    dubmecrazy3 August 14, 2012

    I have read many examples of people making money on the internet. And i am trying to learn more about it and i want to try it. I am a graphic designer and i have some skills on the computers.
    But i am not sure if this is only possible for people in the USA.
    How about people from Europe or small European countries. Does this action applies the same for all people?

    Thank you.

  7. Brendan O
    Brendan O August 14, 2012

    I am fifteen and I think it’s eighteen you have to work in Ireland and I want to make some money so the only way is from the Internet (e.g) YouTube, Google adsense etc so please help and another thing don’t leave hateful messages with “Get a job you hobbo”, “Get a job you lazy f*ck” etc.

  8. Sonny
    Sonny August 14, 2012

    how can make money from internet without any experience ?
    I heard about some site thay pay money per click on the advertise and pay for survey is it true or not? if true please wite some legal site for that ,

  9. Keaton
    Keaton August 16, 2012

    I was just wondering if there was some easy, free(and legal) ways to make money off the internet as a 13 year old boy. like if i could design a shirt or something for free and get money that would be great or any other ideas where you don’t invest any money but you get money.

  10. lets roll
    lets roll August 19, 2012

    If you could make the internet a better place how would you do it. Would you need money or from what you know would it need no money. The internet is a wonderfull thing and has dogs cats elvis presley horses bats caves batman games film reviews james bond 007 gardening tips alan tichmarsh bird watching bonsai trees people make money from the internet and some people make the internet a bad place by putting sex on it but if you are a normal internet user you can make the internet more safe by using the best anti spyware programs and other things.. hahahah rant rant father Christmas is on his way

  11. Hannah
    Hannah August 20, 2012

    I want to know how to make money on the internet?

  12. liza
    liza September 5, 2012

    i would like to know how to make money from the internet or from my mobile ols help by giving genuine answers

  13. tjpimpin
    tjpimpin September 6, 2012

    I would need very comprehensive list of ALL well known internet marketing gurus. a photo, web site URLS, and 200 word description.

  14. Ryan Dunn
    Ryan Dunn September 6, 2012

    how can I make money from my home using the Internet?do you have anything to recommend me?Plus, any good ideas for a new site-What would you like to see on the net?

    thanx a lot people

  15. Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer September 6, 2012

    I really need money. I’ve tried different programs from internet, I’ve read e-mails and things like that but I never saw money. Does anybody know effective way to make money from internet?

    Thank You

  16. Tyler H
    Tyler H September 7, 2012

    I would like to write small software and sell to get some small money income for my family. -Thanks

  17. Adam
    Adam September 11, 2012

    Me doing aeronautical engg i have to earn money for my monthly EMI which will come around Rs9500 monthly for my LAP-TOP,BIKE,ect.. and for my studies.. Iam ready to do what ever they want me to do, please give the more information in earning on internet, Do give me the answers so that there will be no investment on doing job on net.

  18. BRUTE
    BRUTE September 13, 2012

    ok guys i want an online home based internet business. i do not want ebay something i can stay at home with my computer and make money from the internet. i dont know alot about the internet and how to make money from it but i can learn. i want a web site and all that stuff can you please send me your links

  19. encyclopath
    encyclopath September 24, 2012

    I’m looking for a native Polish individual who has sound knowledge of the Polish Internet and online marketing experience.
    I am looking for someone who would be willing to work on link building for a Polish website.

    Thus, it is imperative you can read and write Polish and also have a good working knowledge of online marketing in Poland and the Polish Internet market.

  20. Jairo
    Jairo October 4, 2012

    I was just wondering if there was some easy, free(and legal) ways to make money off the internet as a 13 year old boy. like if i could design a shirt or something for free and get money that would be great or any other ideas where you don’t invest any money but you get money.

  21. superdork
    superdork October 25, 2012

    If someone owns a website that sells services only but they only do it part time from home outside of their current job, do they need to have
    a business license in order to operate online?
    The person running the website lives in California but all service is provided over the Internet only!

  22. nasty1
    nasty1 October 30, 2012

    I want to make money from Internet.Please some body tell me about Making money from Internet

    And also tell me the difference between Internet Marketing,Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing
    I just want to know some other ways

  23. JimT
    JimT November 10, 2012

    Is there any way to earn money from internet easily? Please tell me. I want to earn without any difficulty.

  24. Kaden
    Kaden November 10, 2012

    I am a web designer and internet marketer and I am contemplating doing a job for a guy who wants to open a Porn site. We are in Texas. I want to make sure that first, is he legally able to film porn in texas. Second, does he or myself need any special permit to distribute porn?

    I am asking since I am the host of the site and I want sure I am covered.

    I already looked on sites with laws, but all you find is child porn crap, which doesn’t even apply to my question.

  25. kass9191
    kass9191 November 14, 2012

    How to make money using internet without how and were to get a free website without having to pay anything?

  26. joevsyou
    joevsyou November 15, 2012

    Apart from casinos, pay per click, affiliate programs . surveys are there any other method of making quick money in internet?

  27. Denali
    Denali November 15, 2012

    Also best reliable way to receive or send money money through Internet in general hassle free because i have read bad reviews too.

  28. maskills24
    maskills24 November 15, 2012

    I need to find a way to earn extra money using internet. If you could recommend some ways that doesn’t include much English language, please, do. My knowledge of English is thin and weak. As you can see. Thanks.

  29. Michael K
    Michael K November 20, 2012

    How can i earn money by internet @ Bangladesh.
    No need investment.
    Securety ful.
    How can i create please please how can i learn it tell me.

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