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I am richer by RM657.00

The lousy and expensive previous hosting provider finally came through and is issuing me a refund. I am now officially richer by RM657.00

Hello Menj,

Thank you for your confirmation and details.

Please note that I have successfully terminated your hosting account from our server. The following is the calculation for refund.

Linux Semi Dedicated Server (11/01/2007 – 11/07/2007): RM1,314.00 (Paid)
Hosted for 3 months (11/01/2007 – 11/04/2007): RM657.00
Balance 3 months not hosted (11/04/2007 – 11/07/2007): RM657.00

Please let us know the name payable and address so that we could issue a cheque and post to you.

Of course I will be plonking all that money into DataKL Hosting but who cares? Let me gloat while it lasts.


  1. Fahmishah
    Fahmishah April 3, 2007

    wow..anyway..why r u leave that hosting?

  2. menj
    menj March 10, 2010

    Because they are lousy shitheads that steal your money.

  3. TommyKay
    TommyKay July 16, 2012

    I’m the kind of person that patches my games with official and unofficial patches. But I’ve always wondered what a dedicated server patch does for video games, so, what exactly do they do?

  4. easton j
    easton j July 18, 2012

    How can I host a MapleStory Private Server in a dedicated hosting server? I plan to get one but how do I set up the stuff?

  5. Muzahid
    Muzahid July 21, 2012

    When I log in to Steam, I can choose from all these different servers to be able to play the game on. There is another area where I can download something that says “Dedicated Server”. Is ths what I would need to be able to start my own server game for people in my area? What would I need to ahve to be able to do that?

  6. mmminja
    mmminja July 22, 2012

    I have a computer that I don’t use, and I want to make it into a dedicated server computer for game servers. I want to have It where I can host other people servers on that computer and give them access to their server and files (to change/modify) from their computer.

  7. ouch
    ouch July 22, 2012

    I run a public gaming server and want to make my security better. My dedicated server has multiple IP addresses. How can I make the game server use a different IP address then the remote desktop to the dedicated server uses? Do I need to enable the extra IP addresses or should they already be enabled and should work just by using one of those on the server rather then what remote desktop is using?

  8. Cupcakerum
    Cupcakerum July 25, 2012

    Please provide me the steps to install RED5 server in dedicated server(windows) and also provide me how to deploy my app in webapps folder(RED5 web server) asap.
    Thanks in advance!

    MAK & CHEESE July 25, 2012

    I am willing to start a dedicated server selling business, and searching for the complete knowhow about it. Where can I get those information?

  10. mal_functiongeo
    mal_functiongeo August 8, 2012

    I have a computer that I don’t use, and I want to make it into a dedicated server computer for game servers. I want to have It where I can host other people servers on that computer and give them access to their server and files (to change/modify) from their computer.

  11. nasty1
    nasty1 August 8, 2012

    I have a computer that I don’t use, and I want to make it into a dedicated server computer for game servers. I want to have It where I can host other people servers on that computer and give them access to their server and files (to change/modify) from their computer.

  12. Sir fliesalot
    Sir fliesalot August 24, 2012

    Need a new dedicated server cheap and a lot of ram.

  13. LN13
    LN13 August 27, 2012

    The pros and cons of having your own dedicated server to manage and the pros and cons of getting it from a dedicated hosting service? And what type of website would benefit for either of them?

  14. Daniel
    Daniel August 28, 2012

    1 (see question above)
    #2 How does a dedicated server work? Is it a computer that is open 24/7 hosting the server?
    #3 How are you going to be able to control the dedicated server? Do you use remote desktop connection?
    #4 Can it run bukkit servers? Can you change the bukkit plugins easily?

    Please do not use links. Thank you.

  15. Cliffy N
    Cliffy N October 6, 2012

    I am looking to build a Pc to use as a dedicated server. I know that I don’t need to spend top dollar on alot of the components to build it but, what parts should i spend the extra bucks on?

  16. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag
    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag October 11, 2012

    Me and my team created a 3d game mmorpg like all other mmorpg it requires a great dedicated server maybe not in hardware but in internet speed to handle many players without lag.

    By experience which are the best companies to get one? i ve been searching on google but i really need some experience talking here. I dont care about the money but if is worth the money better.

    Post links and why! thanks!

  17. Andre
    Andre October 12, 2012

    Is it possible to actually buy a dedicated server from these companies offering to rent them? But I dont want it to be delivered to my home, I want it to stay where it is, connected to the internet and everything. Just like renting a server with the difference that I own it. I have seen one offer where you own the server after 12 months of renting.

  18. Arminator
    Arminator October 17, 2012

    Me and my friends would like to start our own proxy website and we would like to use dedicated servers (we will split the cost) we need a dedicated server provider that can manage the servers for us (we are not programmers) the cool proxy site uses we want a dedicated server provider that will manage our servers for us. Also we want the servers to be low cost and be able to choose the data center that it is hosted in.

  19. Oilers
    Oilers October 18, 2012

    I had a shared server and now have got a virtual dedicated server which my host says is faster. How can I test this for myself?

  20. Jason M
    Jason M October 25, 2012

    i have been hearing a lot of talk about bringing back something called a dedicated server to Modern warfare 2. i have also heard that COD4 used a dedicated server, but if it did, then i like the modern warfare 2 servers better because you don’t time out all the time. can someone please explain to me what a dedicated server is, and how it is compared to another server like the one currently in use by Modern Warfare 2. thanks for all the help!

  21. Rishi
    Rishi October 26, 2012

    I have a drupal based site. The front page is about 200kb and I have 10 trimmed topics in front page. Currently the site is hosted on a shared server. My question is how many hits or page loads per hour/minute should I have before it would be necessary to switch to a dedicated server?

    My host is hostgator.

  22. simply complicated
    simply complicated November 1, 2012

    Hi i have been looking at dedicated servers to host my file hosting website. But i am not to Shaw on what dedicated server is the best one for my needs. And with the network port type will i get that speed as well as my website because i have been told that its like having a leased line with the speed in stead of my broadband. Please help me thank you.

  23. Patrick
    Patrick November 3, 2012

    I am opening a L4D dedicated server on my laptop. It’s my first time doing this so I am thinking if you can shut down your computer/laptop while running the programme. Is it also going shut down the server as well?

  24. ConfusionnaJob
    ConfusionnaJob November 3, 2012

    What is the difference between Dedicated server and VPS?

  25. Ryan Dunn
    Ryan Dunn November 8, 2012

    Specifically i’m playing NWN as an online rental and was wondering if having a dedicated server would be good for me. Sounds nice but i hate to push buttons that i’m unsure of and my computers Chinese so i have a hard time in the menus.

  26. Mark M
    Mark M November 8, 2012

    I want to start a dedicated server, but my parents wont let me cause they think i will get hacked. Please help.

  27. Harry
    Harry November 8, 2012

    My technical knowledge isn’t that great so im curious to what people use to host online games and if i can use a dedicated server from go daddy to host online games.

  28. XplicitzZ
    XplicitzZ November 17, 2012

    I have an application that I need to host on a dedicated server. Our main criteria in order of importance is price, service, and scalability.
    Anyhelp is greatly appreciated!!

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