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I got accepted into Bloggerwave

So after nearly a week, I finally got this confirmation email from Bloggerwave stating that this blog was accepted into their network.

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi,


Your blogger has been accepted by

BlogTitle : Blogging For Money
BlogUrl :

One of the opportunities available (worth $10) was about reviewing their service. I’ll let you know what I think of Bloggerwave when I take up that offer later.


  1. weirdoux
    weirdoux April 27, 2007

    even they already send my username and my password, i still can’t login ti my account. send the email but still no reply. one week already…..don’t know why….

    [MENJ: There is a confirmation link in that email, click on that. It had me stumped too at first.]

  2. ashotiwoth
    ashotiwoth April 27, 2007

    hehehe.. same here.. anyway – already took the first opp – just wait and see how long they take to pay 🙂

  3. sss1979
    sss1979 April 30, 2007

    i have seen some ppl got their payment on the board there.

  4. Dr Hank
    Dr Hank November 12, 2012

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  5. Michael
    Michael November 16, 2012

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