I got my Maybank VISA debit card


I recently applied and received my Maybank VISA debit card at the Maybank Kajang branch. Application was fast and despite the large number of people applying for it, I received the card within one hour. It should be noted that according to the bank, the card is not yet ready for internet transactions and this was confirmed when I tried to add the card to my PayPal account but was rejected. Despite this, the bank told me that they expect to roll out this feature “soon” and some reports say that it could be as early as June 2008.

Regardless, I do suggest that those of you who want a VISA debit card to apply early for the card to avoid the “rush” in getting the card. The card can still be used at retail outlets which support the VISA feature, I used it to buy a new monitor holder with my Maybank VISA debit card! Always useful to have another debit card handy anyway…. You are invited in The best carding forum registration will be closed soon


  1. My bank, Washington Mutual, where I’ve been banking for 2+ months, continues to hold funds on every check I deposit for a minimum of 4 days, up to 2 weeks. The 4-day rule is for a check from a local bank. The 2 week rule is for non-local checks. They are very uncompromising about these excessive hold times, and get testy when challenged about them. My previous bank never held checks for so long. I have no adverse banking history that would require WaMu to be so careful.

    Please don’t tell me only what your bank does; I would like to hear from those who actually know what the Federal regulations are on this matter. I’ve made a few phone calls about this and looked online, but I can’t find reliable, up-to-date information. Thanks for your help.

  2. I need to have some money transfered into my bank account from another bank account. Their bank account is at a different, out of state bank which is a credit union and mine is a large corporate bank. What info do i need to give them so they can transfer money into my account. My bank is not located in the town where they live so they cannot go to my physical bank.

  3. After going through all the rubbish and getting a debit card from maybank ,I find out its just a bullshit debit card ,
    I can opnly buy things from a few select companies IN MSA.
    Is there a DEBIT CARD that is a REAL debit card.so i can buy things from anyone anywhere in the world .

  4. im flying off to bangkok, my curiosity includes:
    1. which is better, to have my money converted in msia or bring malaysian ringgit and convert it once i arrive in bangkok?
    2. bring malaysian currency in cash, or just withdraw in bangkok? will there be any extra charges though?
    3. is there any maybank in bangkok??
    4. and about power supply too, is there any difference and shoud i bring universal adaptor?
    thank u all, its my first trip to bangkok.. ^.^
    thanx 4 ur helpful answer, babybean, gerald j and icecube.. wonder why there’s envious thumb down? anyway.. thank u!

  5. I hear that if a bank goes under other banks will buy these mortgages. But with so many mortgages exceeding values of homes, many banks might not want to buy the mortgages. What would happen if a bank goes under, and no one wants to buy their crappy mortgages?

  6. With bank accounts in Malaysian banks, which is the cheapest way of withdrawing money from PH atm machines in terms of currency exchange and transaction fees included. With maybank account, withdrawing in maybank ph. atm is even getting lesser than BDO bank ATM machine.

  7. I want to either transfer my existing account to another bank or open a new one. I want to open a checking account. I want to know which bank will give me the most benefits as a member.

  8. I’m not sure what bank to go to, some say Washington Mutual, but others say Bank of America. What do you recommend? Also, I don’t make that much money, but I’m in an argument between a checking and a savings account.

  9. I have heard that Wachovia Bank is a good position to be a manager and also Regions Bank. Are these any good or what is anybodies suggestions that knows?

  10. My account is limited and i cant take off my bank account…..
    How can i remove it?

    I need to create another paypal and use the same bank account now but i cant.

  11. Bank Of America charges $25 dollars for debit cards with designs other than the banks logo, what is a persiuavsive reason to use to have them waive the costs?
    They used to not charge, now they do, that isnt their fault but that excuse may work! I sound lame but those debit cards are cool!

  12. If the governmnet calls your bank asks them how much is in your bank accout, will your bank tell them.

    Or can the government call the bank and find out details about your last bank statement? Will the banks tell them?

  13. I have a bank account with Bank of America. Through online banking, you are able to freely transfer money from your own account, into another person’s account. Other people are also able to transfer money into your account from their own bank accounts. Is there any way I can prevent a person from tranasferring money into my account?

  14. 5 robbers plan to rob a bank in a city. The city has 10 banks. While planning, they forgot to discuss which bank to rob and at what time. On that day, what is the probability of 2 out of the 5 robbers robbing the same bank at the same time.

  15. My parent wants to set up a bank account for me at bank of america. I’m 16 years old, and I wanted to know what type of accounts I could have?

  16. If the bank was appointed as guardian until next of kin could be found, would the bank’s attorney have rights to any of the money?

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