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I will announce the RM1K blog review winner on August 12th

I guess its my fault for not promoting my Review This Blog RM1,000 Reward blog contest which I started in March. So far I’ve only gotten enough reviews for two batches and it has since slowed down to a halting screech. Anyway I think I shall announce the closing date for the contest, which will be on August 10th. I will not accept any more reviews after this date so if you want to participate, you still have time to do so. And on August 12th, I will announce the winner of the review contest. There has been some good reviews but so far only one person has stand out above the rest.

Will that person win the review?

Oh yeah, I have linked to the reviews as they were up weeks ago but if any of the reviews are no longer online, the person is automatically disqualified from the contest. Just so you know, so that no one will accuse me of being biased. So if you want to participate, please make sure you read the review guidelines first before you ask me anything else, okay? 😉


  1. Fahmishah
    Fahmishah July 28, 2007

    oh my good.really nice to hear that…how many review you have got?

  2. Kobe
    Kobe November 14, 2012

    I used to be able to leave reviews for android apps on the android marketplace but they have stopped showing up there now. I can add the review on my android phone but for some reason new reviews that i leave no longer appear on the android marketplace. Why is this? How can I fix it?

  3. hank baseballs
    hank baseballs November 19, 2012

    All the off-campus apartments for the university I want to go to have BAD reviews (like one star out of 5). They all say things like how break-ins and robberies happen and how they heard of one person that was robbed at gun point. And then for other apartments, people would say “EWWW there’s tons of cockroaches when I moved in”.

    What do I do if all the apartments have bad reviews? Do I listen to them or ignore it and move in anyways?

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