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Category: Internet

A Google PR satire

I am sure everyone is anxious about the coming Google PR update, which is expected to be in this week. Already there are many false alarms and what I would call “PR anxiety disorders” posts in major webmaster forums such as Digital Point and V7N (yours truly included). To celebrate the ocassion, here is a funny cartoon which parodises the PR anxiety disorder.


The cartoon is not drawn by me, I found it in the DP forum. Author of the cartoon is at the bottom right of the image.


Directory of internet marketing tools


As a problogger, I would need to drive traffic and promote my blogs like crazy in order to spread information about my blogs online. Hence, I will usually resort to the use of marketing tools. If you are looking for a place where you can read reviews of effective marketing tools, then you should go to Marketing Mule, an online directory of Internet Marketing Tools. As the largest directory of online marketing tools, Marketing Mule claims to have over one thousand tools listed in its directory. Their strongest features are their easy to search database to look for the marketing tools that you need as well as the reviews of the tools which are also rated by popularity.

When searching the database, I found three tools which are of interest to me as an active problogger: AdTrackz, Million Dollar Emails and of course, I am not forgetting the Nichebot Multiple Keyword Research Tool. These are all required marketing tools in order for me to promote the web directory and gain more webmasters to submit their links to the directory. I found Marketing Mule to be very useful, I am sure that it can help you as well.


Who’s afraid of the Big, Bad Google?

By now everyone in the SEO and internet marketing/paid blogging world would know of Matt Cutts’ post regarding how to report paid links to Google. To be honest I think is a really dumb idea anyway. I wonder how are you going to tell which links are paid and which are not?

Every day thousands of webmasters and web directory owners deal with link buying and selling via Digital Point, V7N and various other webmaster forums for SEO and backlinks purposes. I should know, because I am among those who sell links…usually for $10 – $20 per link per year.


When is the next Google PageRank update?

Frankly I wish that it will be sooner rather than later. I have a rather measly PR0 for Blogging For Money and considering the amount of backlinks that I have gotten for it thus far, I am expecting it to go up as high as a PR2. For my other blogs, I expect two of them to reach PR5 and maybe my main blog will breach PR5 (although that is not an easy thing to do)…if I am lucky, that is.

Anyway a lot of people have expressed their anxiety about the next Google PR on V7N Forum and Digital Point. Can’t say that I blame them for it. But judging from what I have read thus far, the next PR update could be anytime between today and next week in April. After that, the next Google PR update will be in July.