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Iron Man 2 trailer on YouTube

The second Iron Man 2 trailer is now available on YouTube. I have to say that I am really impressed with what the trailer showed. It certainly shows that Iron Man is going to be bigger, better and more exciting than the first movie. They even brought the “armour suitcase” back (between the 2:21 – 2:29 minute marks)! Witness also that War Machine is making his debut for the first time…wow!

You can see the trailer below.


  1. vanvark83
    vanvark83 November 21, 2012

    If you did not see the trailer, I suggest you watch it:

    Don’t you think at the end where Tony Stark pulls out some Iron Man suitcase type thing that gives him the Iron Man armor? I almost sh*t my pants just watching it.
    I ment to add “is cool” at the end of the question.

  2. Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart November 23, 2012

    which song goes woah woah wuh-oh with a like a gutair intro etc, sounded kinda techy. and it was in one of the iron man 2 trailers on mtv.

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