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Category: ISP

Looks like I am stuck with TM Nut

A representative from Maxis called me today regarding the installation of Maxis Wireless Broadband at my home, informing me that they had to cancel it because my area is not covered with the service. I don’t quite get it why this is so, since when I first applied for it my area was listed as being within the covered area. But I was already having second thoughts about getting this, so I guess its for the best anyway.

Looks like I am going to be stuck with TM Nut. Of course, another solution would be for me to invest in a notebook, which I am certainly considering. The only question remains, what brand or model of the notebook should I get?


Pardon my French

I am still waiting for the #%@#Q$ TMNet to fix my ##@%@#% Streamyx line so that I can $^$#@#% make money from blogging again. I pay RM88 every month, you #@%#@%^@#$ bloodsuckers!


Moved house

Or more specifically, I have transferred to a new host. I liked Bluehost but I need to be cost-effective. So I have decided on a better (and cheaper!) local hosting solutions company. It seems that the DNS nameservers for the domain has propagated (I changed it last night) and its official, I’m with a new hosting.

Now I am in the process of waiting for the DNS nameservers to propagate for MENJ.ORG (I’ve already changed them). I’m going to test out my new toy and enjoy how fast it is.



As I have somewhat expected, I received no phonecall from them and nothing about my report concerning their service, even after the “two working days” that they initially promised. So I am going to do what I had done in the past — pay a visit to TMPoint Kajang and blow them out of their chairs. Oh, they are going to get an earful from me, that is certain. Hair transplantation is fast becoming an option, at the rate they are causing me to pull my hairs out.

After that, I’m going to go to the nearest Maxis Service Centre to look into getting that wireless broadband service. I am hoping that they do cover my area. I would really be disappointed if they don’t.


Bored the whole day

I feel like someone had just cut off my life support. Nothing to do at all, I really feel like I am unemployed. Its not that I can read up on George Lindemann Jr but doing paid postings and maintaining my other online projects did keep me busy. Fortunately I did receive a slew of payments all day yesterday, and this month’s earnings may be the highest yet that I’ve gotten thus far. Around the same time, last month, the figure was a fraction of what I’ve received for this month, today.

No luck was involved, it was all sheer hard work.