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Link Muncher Web Directory

Introducing my first free web directory project, Link Muncher Web Directory which I intend to keep as a free web directory for as long as I own it it. This is part of my experimentation with a totally-free web directory. Although it is a free web directory, it should be noted that links submitted will only be approved based on the submission guidelines which you should read first before submitting. MFA, affiliates or redirect websites will not be accepted at all.

So submit to Link Muncher Web Directory today and show that you appreciate this latest effort to maintain a free web directory for your backlinks and SEO needs.


  1. sam N
    sam N July 21, 2012

    please tell me indian directory for free submission and it should be have multiple categories.

  2. Oilers
    Oilers September 2, 2012

    if some one know about directory web site of dubai and sharjah free zone’s traders with there all deatils.
    if some one know about this web directory please tell me.

  3. mmminja
    mmminja September 28, 2012

    I am looking to submit my sites to web directories. I am looking for 100% free Online directory submitter.

  4. Flash Funk
    Flash Funk October 19, 2012

    What are the free web directory scripts available around the web. And which ones are the best among them.


  5. Wooooody
    Wooooody November 3, 2012

    i’m located in huntington beach california. i would like to add my website to some local directories.
    does anybody know?

    Happy Holidays Everybody!

    HASTHEANSWERS November 3, 2012

    I have a web site and would like to find free affiliate services to grow my traffic and popularity. Where can I find the directories?

  7. everydayGuitarist
    everydayGuitarist November 4, 2012

    i have a 100% free dating sites i want add my url to search engine so i get better page rank? Is there any sites that can do that for free?

  8. Matthew
    Matthew November 7, 2012

    Submitting my site in free web directories. Most of the sites are giving me two options:
    1.Regular links (no follow-it is written in many sites)
    2.Reciprocal links
    These are options for the free web directory sites to submit your site.
    Note: These are high PR sites.
    I do not want to increase my PR, my target is to increase my traffic, I am doing SEO to get on the first page of search engines.
    Please advice with good referrals , which type of links should I choose and why?
    which type of links are good for which purposes?

  9. Armas
    Armas November 20, 2012


    Does any one know what are the free websites to advertise the local business? Busienss such as Candies, Cakes(for all events), Cup Cakes, Cookies etc. Or any ideas to free advertise?

  10. Spider Pc
    Spider Pc November 20, 2012

    I have just been offered a free web site ,it is just a page and not attractive :and i was told to add content to this directory and replace this page .And it was written at the browser address that this is a test page,what do they mean and what should i do?Please help

  11. David
    David November 22, 2012

    I heard there’s companies based out of India that just specialize is submitting your sites to hundreds/thousands of web directories for a small fee. I would prefer reputable companies that people have actually hired for these purposes.

  12. Lia-lu-li
    Lia-lu-li November 22, 2012

    I have created an account, registered a free domain and i believe that all left to do is to link a file or directory to the service, so as to get a web page as result when typing the address on a browser. Do i need software to do this? If yes where would i find it? Am i going the right direction?

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