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MyBlogLog to be shut down by Yahoo!

Just when I was thinking of expanding the usage of this service on all my websites and blogs, Yahoo! just had to drop the bombshell by announcing that they will shut down MyBlogLog starting from 24th May 2011 onwards.

Apart from Delicious and Flickr, MyBlogLog is probably the only service affiliated with Yahoo! that I am using heavily at the moment. Its really a shame that they had to shut down such a great service which allows you to see who had viewed your website or blog. I really do not understand what Yahoo! is up to. Perhaps this is a telling sign that Yahoo! will be going bust anytime soon.


    HASTHEANSWERS July 20, 2012

    what do you think great customer service is? what do you think gets in the way of providing great service?

  2. mavis24
    mavis24 July 20, 2012

    I am an active network marketer and I am looking for affordable internet based companies with a great product or great service. I am open to any suggestions 🙂 thanks.

  3. Smashing Pumpkins
    Smashing Pumpkins July 21, 2012

    Im looking to buy a bedroom set and wanted your advise on a great furniture store with Great service and price….im in california

  4. Terrence
    Terrence July 21, 2012

    I am a restaurant server and I am filling out an application for a job doing the same thing someplace else. One of the questions on the application is explain a time I provided great service, I have several years of experience and am sure I have a great example but I am not sure what would be the best example. What makes a great experience for you? I am hoping it will jog my mind as to a good example from me.

    MAK & CHEESE July 26, 2012

    Everyone goes into a establishment that provides a service or works in a communication/service industry. Whats consider great service and leaves you feeling “wow”? Are there any key factors that makes a guest experience enjoyable, keeps the buzz going about a place, and sets the establishments service apart from the rest of its competitors? I understand the basic steps of service, but what is great service in your opinion? Each answer will be unique and helpful.

  6. Lucas H
    Lucas H August 1, 2012

    As a small business owner, i was approached by an adzzoo rep and bought their services. It has been great for my business and they have been really professional. Where do I find all these complaints that just a couple of persons seem intent on mentioning to discredit Adzzoo? I have not come across anything credible or with any kind of documentation. The service and benefits to my business have been terrific.

  7. SteveO
    SteveO August 20, 2012

    Can you recommend a good in that offers great service at a reasonable rate?
    Can you recommend a good auto insurance that offers great service at a reasonable rate?

  8. sethburger
    sethburger August 23, 2012

    I have never experienced good let alone great service on a Jetstar flight and am amazed every time I see them claim to win awards for their service.

  9. mal_functiongeo
    mal_functiongeo September 8, 2012

    I am looking to buy a price computing scale that can print labels with the name of the product, weight, barcode, price and any other info that I might want to add such as ingredients and the name of the store. Any help?

  10. Patrick
    Patrick September 10, 2012

    Actually I want to use applications at my laptop, whereby, I want to use the additional processing power of my home computer. The two machines are connected using cross-over cable, or if required, I can use a hub or switch. So, please can any one tell me if I can use grid computing or parallel computing or any thing else to achieve this goal? And how and what can I do? Thanks for your kind efforts and cooperation.

  11. Kaden
    Kaden September 17, 2012

    The first true computing device was the ancient counting tablet called ABACUS.The word abacus (plural abaci)was derived from the greek term abax.That means table or board covered with dust.These counting tablets used the idea of pebbles for counting.Grooves were carved into the stone or clay table and pebbles were placed in these grooves.The pebbles could be slipped along the grooves from one side of the table to the other to represent numbers.This allowed for easier counting and steps with simple caculations,like addition or subtraction.

  12. Gabriel Kenney
    Gabriel Kenney September 17, 2012

    I know what megabytes and gigabytes are, but how does megahertz or hertz in general mean when it comes to computing. I also notice that mhz and memory (along with a lot of other components) go hand in hand or one increases the efficiency of the other. Can someone please explain. Thanks.

  13. Michael C
    Michael C September 30, 2012

    they are both about software right? what is the difference between a software engineer and a computing engineer?

  14. DuckieM10
    DuckieM10 September 30, 2012

    I am studying Business and Management and I want to do my dissertation on cloud computing. However, this is just a vague and broad idea. I am struggling to find a management topic to discuss in relation to it. I hope I’m making sense! Can you help?

  15. Agent 47
    Agent 47 October 9, 2012

    Its a very hard concept to grasp but quantum computing could completely change computers today. Do you think this will happen if so why.
    Sorry if my information is off.

  16. Thomas A
    Thomas A October 14, 2012

    Specifically, I’m looking for equity investments. Which companies are currently in the BEST position to profit the most from this trend for cloud computing and virtualization? I know 2. I want to hear other’s opinions.

  17. Mr SoLo DoLo
    Mr SoLo DoLo October 20, 2012

    I’m a student at U of M but I’m originally from the South and I miss the gospel services down there. I’m looking for a church with a great high energy Gospel service with a welcoming environment.

  18. Alun J
    Alun J October 23, 2012

    When computing the amount of tax to be withheld from an employee’s salary, can tax credits under the Ordinance to which an employee is entitled be taken into account, such as those relating to:

    a) Approved donations;
    b) Interest on housing loan;
    c) Investment in shares; and
    d) Contribution to approved pension funds

    Further, can the employer reduce the withholding tax for tax paid by the employee with utility bill payments and with payments for motor vehicle token fee?

  19. Brody S
    Brody S October 23, 2012

    I’m the manager of a hotel, and I have a program where we have a Customer Service Tip of the Week, and I’m running out! I need more ideas! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  20. mmminja
    mmminja October 24, 2012

    The two legs of the triangle are measured to be a=500ft and b=700ft, with a possible error of 1 ft in each measurement. The angle between them is measured to be 30 degrees with an error of 0.25 degrees. The area is triangular so its area is given by A=1/2 (a)(b)sin(theta). Use differentials to approximate the maximum resulting error in computing the area of the triangle.

  21. Mc L
    Mc L October 27, 2012

    I am currently in 6th year in my school and i am studying higher chemistry, maths, geography and intermediate 2 english. I am interested in applying for HND in software development or technical support in college in Scotland. I want to know if need higher computing to apply for computng courses.

  22. nathan
    nathan October 29, 2012

    I plan to study cloud computing. so what will be the designation? for which designation I have to apply job for?

  23. Mackenzie P
    Mackenzie P October 30, 2012

    Computing – Name two different validation tests which would be carried out on data entered?
    How would you use these?

  24. Benihana
    Benihana October 31, 2012

    I am doing a research paper on cloud computing. I want to talk about how companies can use cloud computing and how it can benefit them. Also if anyone has any info on what kinds of app or software you can use in the cloud that would be appreciated. Thanks
    even though a business will you the servers from the companies, don’t they still need to have a local back up?

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