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Category: Offbeat



BegForPost is a “clone” (more like a parody site, I think) of the famous paid blogging network, PayPerPost. It mimics everything from PayPerPost from logo right to layout. The only difference is that advertisers have to beg for bloggers to post about them.

Kind of a wacky twist to it, methinks.


Here is my new blog

From the guy that brought to you Critical Thoughts and Bismika Allahuma, here I am again expanding my little online Caliphate and writing in a niche that has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever I’ve blogged about in the past. Like the name says, this blog will be about blogging and how you can earn money from blogging. Yeah, I know that there is already an influx of such blogs out there, so how do I distinguish myself from the mix? Well, I won’t be telling you how to make money from blogging. I will be demonstrating what I did and am doing to earn my living from blogging.