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Online shopping cart

These days there are many companies offering their products online in order to reach out and appeal to a wider user base. For these companies, they will often go to a online shopping cart solution in order to better present their products in a website for customers to easily browse and peruse. It works the same way as how a shopping cart in a supermarket works by keeping whatever items you have picked for purchase. When you are done you proceed to the checkout and all that is in the cart will be calculated and payment can be made.

There are many e-commerce software that are available, both paid and open-source, for businesses that wish to get involved in the online business scene. However these solutions will require businesses to invest some money in a reliable hosting which will probably be difficult if they are on a tight budget. A shopping cart software which is self-hosted such as Ashop Commerce is exactly what businesses would need. It provides the ability of an online shopping portal without the hassle of getting support or forking out additional costs for hosting or software upgrade and maintenance. For your online shopping cart needs, check out Ashop Commerce today for the right solution.


  1. Marlon P
    Marlon P July 16, 2012

    I am going to build a shopping cart. How should this be done. Should I use php and mySQL or asp. I will also be needing to take security into account.

  2. johnkaiser 22
    johnkaiser 22 July 16, 2012

    I need to know what the best open-source shopping cart software is. I looked at Zen Cart but it’s not something I do often and don’t know which to use.

  3. Mak Sultan
    Mak Sultan July 20, 2012

    Im online shopping for clothes and wanted to know if when i put an item in my cart if it will save the item for me or will it go out of stock if i wait too long?

  4. Jeff
    Jeff July 20, 2012

    I’ll be designing a website for someone, and will be hiring a freelance PHP/MySQL developer to do the online shopping cart programming for me. How many hours worth of work does it usually take to do that? Keeping in mind that I’ll be doing all the website designs and layout myself. And also, would I be able to just take the shopping cart app he’s made and just stick it in my html or would i have to give him the graphics and picture files and get him to “mesh” it all together?

  5. PoohBearPenguin
    PoohBearPenguin July 20, 2012

    I am building a website for a client, and I need to equip them with an online shopping cart application. This app will need to:

    1.) Allow client to sell digital content only (images), with a per-item model, and a monthly subscription model.

    2.) Client should be able to upload new content to the store at will.

    Does anyone know of the perfect app for this?

  6. airdogspace2
    airdogspace2 August 5, 2012

    I currently use 3D Cart for my shopping cart and Order Motion for my order manager. They don’t seem to work well together even though they are suppose to. I need a shopping cart that can securely transfer credit card info over to my ordering system so I can set up auto billing and auto shipments to clients. Or just have the shopping cart do this. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks for your help.

  7. ademuth93
    ademuth93 August 9, 2012

    Stuck on a college assignment, and need to get a php shopping cart, need to get one that fairly basic and not too flashy

  8. Dark_LovexXx
    Dark_LovexXx August 10, 2012

    Something like the shopping cart system on, but without having to sign up when you go to purchase. Instead then I would just like a form that the user fills out to give their details, which is then sent to me somehow. I was just thinking next to every item there would be an add to cart button, and then in the corner of every page a view cart button.

  9. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag
    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag September 14, 2012

    I need to know what the best open-source shopping cart software is. I looked at Zen Cart but it’s not something I do often and don’t know which to use.

  10. joevsyou
    joevsyou September 24, 2012

    what is the best solution for webhosting/ecommerce when it comes to starting an online business.

    right now i have an account with host-gator. I tried the whole yahoo stores/ebay stores {prostores} and hate the generic templates along with the monthly fee for using them. I just want to install my own shopping cart, from my knowledge i gained so far i like zencart and oscommerce, maybe cubecart.

    but if someone has a guide for webhosting it would be great or a checklist, heres what i need to know, plus any additional information you would like to give.

    best site for web hosting/ecommerce, using “host gator” right now.

    best merchant solutions along with best shopping cart.

    anything else i need to know?

  11. Kaylla
    Kaylla September 27, 2012

    We have a small business and have an information website but we want to add an online shoppin cart similar to our competitors. Is there a host that can do this through and keep our unique domain name or will we have to hire another web designer to make these changes?

  12. Beavis
    Beavis September 28, 2012

    I need to sell mp3s and be able to preview them. I need to be able to post them on specific pages like having a cart for each band

  13. sethburger
    sethburger September 29, 2012

    If I keep an item in a cart and everybody wants to buy the item, will the store be able to pull it out of the cart if someone wants to buy it before me. Will I be able to keep it in the cart and buy it later?
    I meant if someone wants to buy it before me and it goes out of stock.

  14. Sergeant Pickle
    Sergeant Pickle November 4, 2012

    I really like the layout and want to start up one like this

    which online shopping cart is it? Zencart?

  15. Dark_LovexXx
    Dark_LovexXx November 11, 2012

    I am an artist, and Im looking for a basic online store. I don’t know how to use coding and how to make a proper website. Im looking for something with a UK shopping cart with a template to work from.
    Many Thanks

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