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Blogging For Money Posts

Why blog to earn money?

Why even blog to earn money? Some might ask that question, wondering why on earth would anyone want to earn money from what was originally seen as a leisurely past time. That might be true back in the days when weblogs first came on the internet scene, but the blogging world has certainly moved on since then. Many bloggers do earn some income from their blogs, enough to sustain a living while at the same time pursuing what they enjoy the most: writing and maintaining their blogs. There are also those “purists” (mostly from the lifestyle genre which I personally find distasteful and disgusting) who believe that one should not be earning a single sen from their blogs, that it should remain free and away from any sort of advertising influence. You can usually identify these people, since most of them are actually opinionated enough to state their “stand” against internet marketing or any form of paid blogging on their blogs, to the extent that they are willing to shut down their blog when they are unable to pay for their domain name or hosting space.


Here is my new blog

From the guy that brought to you Critical Thoughts and Bismika Allahuma, here I am again expanding my little online Caliphate and writing in a niche that has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever I’ve blogged about in the past. Like the name says, this blog will be about blogging and how you can earn money from blogging. Yeah, I know that there is already an influx of such blogs out there, so how do I distinguish myself from the mix? Well, I won’t be telling you how to make money from blogging. I will be demonstrating what I did and am doing to earn my living from blogging.