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Payday loan service

Payday loans are short-term loans whereby a borrower is able to borrow cash advance for a short-term basis until their payday arrives or when they are in the black. Such loans are useful for those who need quick money and cannot wait until their next payday arrives. This would mean that targeted niche groups are blue-collar workers or students. For those who are students, especially who do not have a daily job to keep those finances running in the black, cash can be an issue for them. Students would, after all, need to use the money to pay for their books, fees and regular upkeep such as hostel fees and laundry.

Hence here is where the positive benefits of payday loan can help you out if one is strapped for cash and would like to borrow some money quickly and without much hassle, on a short-term basis. This service provides you with money-borrowing with a small amount so that you will not be burdened when the time comes for you to pay it back. It would be indeed useful for those who would like to use the money for immediate positive gain. This financial product is thus suitable for those who are looking to borrow money on a short-term basis.


  1. John G
    John G July 18, 2012

    i am looking for a payday loan company that will approve me for a loan. got bad credit and keep getting refused by other payday loan companies.
    need it asap . any suggestions please?

  2. JDOGG1122
    JDOGG1122 July 18, 2012

    If you took out a payday loan, Is it a civil case or a criminal case in the state of Texas? Can you do jail time?

  3. x_blind_x_gamer_x
    x_blind_x_gamer_x August 1, 2012

    I recently saw an offer to get a payday loan that reposts to the big 3 credit agencies.

    How much can getting payday loans and paying them off on time REALLY improve my credit score?

  4. Matthew David
    Matthew David August 2, 2012

    looking for the best payday loans service for loans up to $5000

  5. isk8at818
    isk8at818 August 9, 2012

    I live in oregon where you are only allowed to establish one payday loan at a time within the state. However I was wondering if I would be able to take out a payday loan in washington, where you can have more than one at a time. Since they are not within the same state, would I be able to do that? Please no lectures on payday loans and
    Their so called evil. I promise I’m a big girl, capable of coherant thought.

  6. Mackenzie P
    Mackenzie P August 9, 2012

    I am trying to get a small payday loan, of about 300 or 400 dollars, and I can’t seem to find a service online that is legit. They are all giving me a runaround, or say they can’t offer loans in my area which is new hampshire. I just want one thats simple and easy and will get me my money. Anyone had any luck?

  7. baldy eire
    baldy eire August 26, 2012

    I contacted one online payday loan store and now I get about 50 emails from other ones. How do I stop this?

  8. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag
    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag September 6, 2012

    From some guy who says he is with the Federal Bureau of Legislation and that my BF and I owe money and are due in court in California by a Online Payday Loan company. He then says if we wish to save ourselves that we should send his company money to settle it out of court. We did use a Online Payday Loan service BUT we are up to date. We had applied to other online Payday Loan places and so I was wondering if this is a scam? He had a very thick Indian Accent which I could barely understand.

  9. Rishi
    Rishi September 28, 2012

    Are they loan sharks or do they provide an important service to low income people?

  10. everythingisgonnabefine
    everythingisgonnabefine October 7, 2012

    a real site like not a matching lender site

  11. Milk84
    Milk84 October 11, 2012

    Thinking of applying for a payday loan, on the application they ask for a work number.
    What will they ask my job (boss)? Will they they tell my boss that I applied for a loan?

  12. PolishPokeyPimp
    PolishPokeyPimp October 12, 2012

    We are in need of some money until payday and I was wondering what payday loan website is good. I know some say payday loans are bad but they are only bad if you dont pay it back the next paycheck and my husband gets a bonus next week so we will be paying it back next week. Anyone have an idea of a good site?

  13. Arminator
    Arminator October 22, 2012

    I took out a $2300 payday loan about a year ago and I have been paying $215/month service fee and I am no longer able to pay the service fee. I stopped paying the service fee approximately 2 months ago and needless to say they are calling me endlessly. I know it was stupid but I really needed the money at the time. As you can see I have paid $2150 in service fee and still owe the original loan for $2300. My question is what happenns if I cant or dont want to pay any further. Can they garnish my paycheck, etc??

  14. Scott W
    Scott W October 24, 2012

    I’m planning on going through a consumer credit counseling agency to get help with my overburdening debt. However, two that I checked into will not, or cannot, work with payday lenders. Are there any out there that will?

  15. Gamer959
    Gamer959 November 15, 2012

    I understand most of them do this through Money Mart? I understand also that the payday loan companies like Money Mart, etc. are not very regulated or even accountable for the transactions that go through them. I think there should be some regulation of these places so that when someone is sending money to Mexico or Central America, or any other country, that an amount of “tax” be taken off the top to be kept in the country and go towards the services the illegals are using but not paying for while here, such as schools, hospitals, etc. Could something like that be implemented?

  16. Peter
    Peter November 18, 2012

    I have tried so may payday services and i keep getting matching services. I just need if someone knows of a direct payday service to get only $500.00 right now?
    Please respond back and let me know.

    I would appreciate it very much if someone can help me. I am stuck in a emergency and i need some money today no later tommorrow,

  17. Lucas H
    Lucas H November 20, 2012

    Every payday loan company rejected me.I just need to loan 700 to pay for my bills ,could you recommend me some I want easy approved instant loan with no fax request.

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