PayPal changed their design interface

I just noticed that PayPal had changed the interface of their accounts menu with lighter colours and tabs that tell you what the feature links mean. I like the change as the information is now less cluttered and the presentation certainly looks much better than the previous look, which made PayPal look archaic. Here is a screenshot of the new PayPal interface.


I like the colours of this interface, I think I should ask my designer to incorporate this colour for a proposed new theme for my blog. I wonder why they did not inform their account holders about the new change….but I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as they continue to provide uninterrupted service.

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  1. How do I cancel a paypal transfer from my bank account to my paypal account?

    The transaction is still pending, and I need to cancel it, how would I go about doing that?

  2. What’s the difference between paying online through a checking account’s debit card and paying online through PayPal? What are the PayPal advantages over the internet paying methods existent before PayPal came along?

  3. Paypal put limitations on my account, thats fine and all but in the user and legal agreements it says that Paypal can hold the funds up to 180 days but no longer. Its been almost 190 days and after several phone calls and emails Paypal still has not released my funds. Just wondering what options I have legally.

  4. I’m planning to sell some art on Deviantart, and I’ll be using Paypal.

    I don’t get the transaction part. Actually, I don’t get anything on how to use Paypal for receiving/giving money. Is there like a link I can give out for the buyer or something?
    I know /that/! But I don’t get how the buyer /finds/ my account to put the money in!

  5. Every single f’in time I use PayPal I become ever-so-slightly more insane! From their foreign representatives curiously all called John or Jane to their online interface which has had me curled up on the floor crying my eyes out… why so much needless confusion?! A couple of weeks ago, a payment wouldn’t process because I had 2 paypal accounts and I just wanted muhammad, I mean John, to close one account so I could receive it. But no, apparently someone had carried out a man-in-the-middle attack and changed all my details… So tonight I go to withdraw funds from my paypal account and transfer them to my bank account. Oh, my new bank account is unconfirmed? So I have to go through the fecking confirmation process all over again, which takes forever. Does anyone else hate PayPal as much as me? So much needless complexity and it seems like its been designed like that to make you go insane and end up ringing their useless support!

  6. I’ve paid for several eBay transactions with PayPal. The PayPal balance is zero so the credit will come out of my bank account. PayPal says that the transfer is completed but nothing has changed on my bank account. How long will this take?

  7. how much does it cost for somone to design your own website and what charges are there for a new business?????

  8. My friend is sharing a paypal account with me. He is planning to transfer his funds over to my account. I just want to know if there will be a fee involved. I will appreciate any help given. Thank you.
    The reason I am asking is because we need to add up the funds from both account to purchase a merchandise from England.

  9. …I have thought about setting up a web page but….
    I am afraid I might get someone who shows interest and order more than I can produce in a reasonable time, how do you get around that when doing hand made or home made crafts or items? An example, I had a friend who approached me about making a keychain to match her wedding colors for each person in the wedding. Not a big deal except the wedding was in 4 days, I had to find the materials to match, and then was only able to get half of them done in time. She ended up changing her mind and not taking any. I kind of felt put out… I also felt relived as I was distracted from other things in my life trying to dedicate my time to this activity which I do “on the side.”

    What is your thoughts? How would I control this type of business? Is is worth selling something for $5 if it takes me an hour to produce? Should I just stick to making them by request from friends?

    What are your thoughts?

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