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Polycom Video Conferencing System

Communication is very essential, especially for those who wish to communicate with each other for business or personal reasons. This applies in all situations, such as communication with family members or even romantic relationships. With the way businesses are headed now, it is absolutely essential to be a global company. With the recent technology, this gap can now be b You can now communicate face to face with your family members, boyfriend or girlfriend, business partners and clients without traveling.

With the technology provided by Polycom Video Conferencing System, this will now allow you to do this. A company is now able to reduce cost without having to travel anywhere at all, especially if one has to travel across the world just to attend a meeting. Through video conferencing systems provided by Polycom, you can see the person and you can communicate with each other as though you are in the same place. Check out Polycom today for your business video conferencing needs.


  1. Mak Sultan
    Mak Sultan July 17, 2012

    Hi, I am living in the USA, and my computer-illiterate parents in Singapore. I have a Mac, and would like to arrange for my parents to have an idiot-proof sort of setup where they can connect to a video conferencing setup here with a press of a button.

    Now I have seen Polycom systems in action, while they work well, they are very expensive. Is there a cheaper solution these days?
    Skype is a solution, but I am not sure my parents can manage it!

  2. alberto s
    alberto s July 27, 2012

    Polycom and Tandberg are both so pricey. I am looking for a camera that is a step above a web cam but not a fully integrated Video Web Conferencing System. Something that will work with my Adobe Connect or Breeze? Please help this research is getting out of hand.

  3. ericmreitz
    ericmreitz August 7, 2012

    I would like to set up video conferencing at my business. I need hardware that is compatible with skype instead of a $15,000 polycom system that can only communicate with other polycom systems etc. because nobody else has them. So what I need is a video phone of standalone monitor/camera combo that is comatible with skype. please advise

  4. whites are not the only racists
    whites are not the only racists November 14, 2012

    Which is the best video conference system out there for video and telecommunication between one office to another office?

  5. Harriet W
    Harriet W November 14, 2012

    I want to setup a video conference system for two meeting rooms. Each would hold up to 23 people. It will be used across a dedicated WAN connection, I would like to limit the bandwidth for video from 256k to 384k max. We can use our phones for voice, Or if there is a system that does two way communication with hands free that’s ok as well. We would utilize two large 25in TV’s for the monitors (Composite or SVideo.) Is anyone using products that support this setup now? And what would the costs be? Thank you…

  6. David
    David November 14, 2012

    Any software, no matter the cost that is the best for creating virtual meetings between employees at remote location which all have high speed broadband connections. The maximum number of remote participants will be six.

    Both Video and audio conferencing is needed however other services such as remote desktop connection and file transfer is not needed.

    Can someone please help me. Also does anyone know the requirements to use and setup a system like this. eg. need microphone, webcam, internet 1.5Mbps, etc

  7. unbleevable39
    unbleevable39 November 18, 2012

    our group is at a local hospital for a community project. what we have to do is figure out the problem in a POLYCOM HDX 4000 and solve it…we are able to connect from a laptop to the device and vice versa…but we cannot connect to another device located in another hospital…we were also able to connect to the other hospital via our laptop, but not from the device…so what is the problem??,…

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