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Received my first payment from Amazon Associates

I had signed up for Amazon Associates since 2001, but I have not made any significant gains from them and considering things as they stand today, earning from Amazon Associates is the weakest amount of dollars compared to the paid blogging programmes and Google Adsense. Recently however, I became eligible for payout from Amazon Associates and yesterday they sent me this e-mail:

Dear Associate,

It’s time again for referral fee payments to our Associates! We have reached the end of February 2007, and we have just sent payments to eligible Associates for the referral fees earned in the program. These payments also include any credit balance carried forward from previous payment periods. You can find your payment amount and more information on your payments in Associates Central under Your Account > View your payment history.

You can see the screenshot as per below.


Oh yeah, in case you were wondering I opted for “direct deposit” bank transfer into my VMI card. As VMI users would know, the VMI card comes with a checking bank account with Southwest Bank, complete with bank account number and bank routing number. So all I did was to fill in the blanks and Amazon seems to recognise that I have a US bank account 🙂 I do not have to wait for the minimum of $100 for the check payment, the minimum balance for a bank transfer is only $10.

Amazon Associates is only recommended to those whose blogs is geared towards products and services promotions, otherwise it will take ages for you to wait for a sale. As you can see from the screenshot above, my first sale was in 2006, after signing up for the programme in 2001.

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  1. Scott W
    Scott W November 2, 2012

    I can’t believe affiliate marketing partners use snail mail to pay their associates. I hate snail mail.

  2. Zanto
    Zanto November 2, 2012

    How often do the clicks and orders update? Is it once per day or as they happen?

  3. Daniel
    Daniel November 3, 2012

    I currently run a Blog on and use Adsense to monetize it. A lot of content filters will block my Adsense adverts displayed. Is there any way my blog can detect when my Adsense ads are being blocked, and display adverts from my Amazon Associates account instead?

  4. John
    John November 4, 2012

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get more traffic on my site promoting products?

  5. Gabriel Kenney
    Gabriel Kenney November 5, 2012

    It’s my 1st time that i encountered an ad program like this, and i’m a bit skeptic; It’s almost too good to be true. anyone here who has experience with it pls. guide me.

    here’s my previous question:

  6. lets roll
    lets roll November 5, 2012

    I recently added google adsense and amazon associates to my website because I’m financially strapped, and I figured a couple of extra bucks wouldn’t hurt.

    I’m currently in college. Would income from these sources affect how much financial aid I receive from FAFSA?

  7. Ed D
    Ed D November 11, 2012

    I have been with Amazon associate program for years. Is it an obligation to submit my new site into my account? If I don’t can they decline the payment of my commissions? I never had any problem with that so I was wondering if it was a suggestion or an obligation. . Thanks

  8. Blake
    Blake November 15, 2012 appears to be a very good store. One can find most of the top selling items in Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Books, and Watches categories. I am wondering if it is safe to purchase from this store?

  9. uberfailz
    uberfailz November 15, 2012

    I recently made my first sale on amazon. I sold a PC game that stood listed there for months (I don’t know if that matters). I received what looks like a standard email from amazon about the sale and that I should ship it within 2 business days as I have specified.

    I am not sure that I should ship it, because I haven’t gotten any money from the buyer yet. I don’t want to use my paypal with amazon! My amazon account is linked directly with my credit card. Could that be the reason I haven’t been payed yet?

    I have sold on ebay and there you get your money before you ship. How does a normal transaction in amazon work?

  10. Brody S
    Brody S November 15, 2012

    I ordered Some Computer components by amazon ,, which is my first time to buy from amazon and i received the confirmation email while i was waiting for my order to pass the process and get shipped i received another email from :

    which says :
    Greetings from

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to process your pending order(s), including order XXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXX( Srry thats Private i think XD ). To avoid cancellation of your order(s), we request that you fax us a copy of the billing statement associated with the debit or credit card provided as payment. Our fax number is 001-206-266-1838 when faxing from outside the US, or 206-266-1838 from within the US. This statement should include the following information:

    * Name as it appears on your credit or debit card
    * Address on file with the card issuer
    * The customer service phone number for your financial institution.

    On your fax, please provide the email address used when placing your order and the order number you received in your email confirmation.

    Do note that the statement must be sent via fax as we are unable to interpret attachments via email. Please also note that you will be unable to access your account as it has been placed on hold pending receipt of your fax. Please do not place a new order or open a new account as this may result in additional delays.

    If you are unable to send the fax, please ask the issuer of your debit or credit card to contact us so we may verify your account details. The card issuer can reach us via the above fax number. The fax should include the name, phone number and fax number of a specific representative with whom we can correspond if necessary.

    Please don’t hesitate to email us should you have any questions, and thank you for your interest in shopping at


    Account Specialist

    i just wanna know if its safe sending them the information and did any one else get the same email and sent the the information then it got shipped ?

    and is it ok to send them my online statement since i don’t get one on paper ?
    Note that i can’t access my account any more

    HELP ?

  11. arronwrath
    arronwrath November 18, 2012

    Most work at home service providers always ask you to pay certain amoum before giving access to the job, if the jobs are actually there and are paying why not allow me do the job and then i pay you from the proceed?

  12. JackReynolds
    JackReynolds November 18, 2012

    Info on certificate says to add the reward code into my account for use later. When I started to do that, it said Amazon Promotional Gift has to be entered when purchasing something. Huh?

  13. Kristian
    Kristian November 21, 2012

    Amazon has an affilates program where you place their ads on your blogpage and Amazon pays you money for that when people click the ads. Does anyone really get money.

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