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Relationship between search engines and local costumers

In the past time, closely every instance of search engine optimization has been aimed towards dominating specific phrases in major search engines. The phrases are usually generic and a large number of companies contend for dominance. This gives major, national companies an advantage and makes life not so easy for low and medium businesses. Over the last year or so though, Google especially has began to reline itself for smaller and mid-sized businesses by started to boost local results over national results. For general explores that have no local direction, they still present national results. Nonetheless, for numerous searches that are signified to be local, like a search for the word “quick online credit” or “credit report“, Google now displays local maps results to help their searchers find related results. This gives companies that are local a method to even the playing field versus national companies. If you’re a national company, it’s not easy to be just down the road.

As the pendulum is swinging back towards local companies, the question is how does a local company boost themselves so that a search engine can notice them? You might be stunned to find out that a local company doesn’t even require a website to be found related according to Google. In our local area, one of our challengers works out of his home and has no website, however he still get a great ranks on the map results in local searches.

The causes that he can rank well without a website is because local search is a lot less about the number of links to a specific website and a lot more about the number of local citations a business receives. A citation is a list of the business name, address and telephone number. Most of the time there is much information available such as a description, products sold, or hours open. The main work to be finished in obtaining good local listings then is not concentrated around inbound links to a website but rather citations for your business in locally related places.

There are several things that a business can do right away to make sure they appear in related local searches. The opening move is to ensure your registry with Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

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