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Returning here again

Yes, I have returned to Blogging For Money again and I have plans to revive this blog again from its slumber. The last time I blogged here was four months ago, before I became preoccupied with the various blog niche projects that I started around that time. Since then, I could safely say that my earnings have increased a lot, especially as of late when I started putting Google Adsense in these niche blogs after the last PageRank update. Having to pay attention to these blogs mean that I had to abandon some existing blogs, and this blog was unfortunately one of the “victims”.

Anyway, I realised now that this was not such a wise move, since I first started this blog in order to inform and teach others how they can earn a living full-time from blogging and the Internet, as well as sharing my own experiences in making money online. Since the last time I shared my experiences here, I have turned blogging and making money online as a full-time job and there is nothing in this world where I would trade it for. There may be some who would be skeptical about it, but the reality is that blogging full-time is a valid job occupation and while these people may be shackled by the mentality of being employed, I prefer to be my own boss and to work from the comforts of my home.

So dear readers, I am back at last and this time I will not disappear again.


  1. tjpimpin
    tjpimpin July 27, 2012

    For some background information, I am a manager of a small business located in California which has only a handful of employees. One employee called in approximately half an hour before her shift started and told me that she could not come into work for an indefinite period of time because of an emergency. As each employee has set responsibilities within the workplace, one cannot cover for another for an extensive period of time. Not knowing when the employee would be returning, we had to hire another person to cover the absent employee’s responsibilities. The next day, the employee who had been absent due to her so called “emergency” (this emergency turned out to be her son’s graduation, which she never notified us of before; we have given permission for absences for such important events and other compelling reasons), came walking through the doors without having called in first. Of course, since we had not received any notice from her of her intent to return to work, we had asked our new employee to come in. My employer then confronted the employee regarding the “emergency” and asked her for some sort of verification of said emergency. The employee became extremely upset and yelled, “I quit! I’m never returning here again!” and left. She never returned. One month later, my employer received a notice from the labor department with a claim from the employee who had quit. She had claimed that she had been fired. However, upon discovering her misconduct regarding her “emergency” absence and the fact that she quit, she was not awarded unemployment benefits. She appealed the case to another department and was awarded $8,000 on the grounds that she had been fired for her emergency absence.

    My employer did not discharge her, so how can she still claim those unemployment benefits? He even had me contact her several times after she “quit” to ask her to return to work. Of course, she did not. Also, she is collecting unemployment benefits, but I found out through another one of our employees that she is working as a hairdresser off the record (thus evading taxes and still qualifying for the unemployment benefits). As a CA taxpayer, this seems utterly unfair since these unemployment benefits this ex-employee is collecting illegally are coming out of our taxes.

  2. Motordom
    Motordom July 27, 2012

    We Christians know and teach the truth that Jesus has promised us that He will Personally Return here again. Do you pray to Jesus to return now, or as soon as He decides to come back ?

    Thank you for all sincere answers !

    If we were more spiritual, we would know that He is fully here in Spirit as He the Spirit of All Truth ! (see John 16:7-16) Thus, His Second Personal Return probably would include the lower soul and mind and physical manifestations that would allow more or all humans to see some of His now all-glorious, all-powerful, higher forms on many levels of universal and universe reality.

    Peace and progress in Spirit and in Jesus as our Creator Father-Son !
    Hi David H,
    Don’t worry; when Jesus returns, it is not the end of the world or the “raptured” taken up and the rest left here “damned” to destruction — none of that false and negative human thinking. This earth abides forever in Jesus and His loving care. See Eph 3:21 and others. He is coming to encourage and inspire all who love Him and Truth. He will say something as : “Continue to abide in Me in Spirit; and carry on in our mission of bringing this world into fuller Light and Life.”
    This is a very long term mission that continues today.
    Frozen Phoenix,
    Jesus Christ is the world’s greatest Super-Scientist; He created this universe and this world and keeps all the sub-atomic particles spinning at inconceivable speeds in precise orbits as well as perfecting all living things including humans. Jesus “logic” is His Infinite Wisdom. No need to confess, as He already sees into you fully and timelessly; He knows everything you have desired, thought and done and what you will desiring and thinking and doing in all of your short or eternal future. Since Jesus made and uses nuclear fusion in our sun to heat our earth; we human scientists should work harder to develop many nuclear fusion power plants. Since God and Jesus each have infinite energy, They will not be jealous if we can soon produce a few more billion megawatts of low-cost electricity. True scientists are inspired by Jesus to co-create with Him ever more good and beautiful things of use for all mankind.
    Hi B-Steele,
    You bring up an important issue: Eternal Judgment of God and Jesus, One in Spirit. God is not wavering or vascillating or divided in viewpoint as most humans are. The perfect judgment of God is NOW and always includes His/Their infinite LOVE and lavish MERCY ! Jesus states in John 12:31-32 (all of that is extremely significant; few humans believe it much yet !)
    “Now is the loving judgment of this world…” When did Jesus say that? In AD30 and this is True eternally and forevermore from that time -on. Most Christians know some of the infinite love of Jesus for each of us; but they then think that God is more stern and judgmental unless a big bloody sacrifice is given up first ! That is spiritual insanity ! God the Father-Infinite I AM is EXACTLY just as loving and merciful and kind as Jesus Christ IS ! They are Absolutely One in Spirit and nature and perfect attributes ! When we see Jesus in Spirit; we see God ! John 3:16-17 needs to be seen in more Light !
    Hbar12, thank you.
    I also am reflecting long on these things. Let us all pray for more wisdom on this. Yes, infinite possibilities are available within Him Who Is Infinite. We do have a spirit fragment of the Absolute Essence of the Father-Infinite within us to ever guide us in to all Reality. Yes, true religion, philosophy and science are ever progressing and combining to allow us to better approach and comprehend more Reality.

  3. jdfan
    jdfan July 27, 2012

    What fraction of users that visit a web site with Google AdSense actually click on the ads?

    How often does Google Pay out– do they send you a check or do they use paypal?

    Which is better Google AdSense or Yahoo ads?

    Any other advice for Google AdSense?

    I probably won’t make a fortune, but I have a new site going up soon. Thought I might as well try to make a few cents on it.

    Thanks for any and all replies… I do check back for answers, so I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.

  4. sick_mick_101
    sick_mick_101 July 31, 2012

    can i put google adsense on my facebook personal profile?

  5. shahedC
    shahedC August 9, 2012

    I’m going to travel by plane overseas from Australia to Philippines for holiday and returning here again after 3 weeks. How many weeks of pregnancy which I’m not allowed to travel?

  6. Andre
    Andre August 14, 2012

    i was unable to come to this site over the last 3 days because i had to travel to the capital of our great nation to face an examination. but i’m back now. i felt very emotional when i read a few of the huge number of emails that the wrestling section users had sent me, asking me to return and begging me to come to answers again. so i decided to give all my fans a treat and here i am.

    WQ –
    1.why didn’t ultimo dragon get a push in the wwe? he was so talented. his talent was not used at all while he was in the wwe.
    2.who thinks that sting has gotten overrated all of a sudden?
    3.what is so great about samoa joe? he is only a fat tub of lard.

    WSQ- why is johnny bravo still a virgin at the age of 18 when shania e emotions got knocked up @ the age of 6?

    star and answer best answer gets 10 points. thank you!

  7. Xedo
    Xedo August 24, 2012

    When he physically returns again for the third time is he going to physically die again after that?

    Here’s where the Christians play their game of lets take a wild guess and just hope we’re right.
    Cork…Could you be any more vague you drop kick?

    JOHN KAISER PHD August 24, 2012

    I’m planning on sending my gf from the Philippines to Hawaii for 4-5 days in June. She was already planning on going to the US from July-November. Will she have problems returning after a month with that visa status? Thanks for all your help.

  9. LN13
    LN13 August 24, 2012

    can i use my valid visa in china if i go out to other countries…will still valid?

  10. everythingisgonnabefine
    everythingisgonnabefine August 27, 2012

    I know it means “I have been here many times before and return. I return here again and begin…” but I was wondering what language it was originally. ^_^ Thanks to anyone in advance for answers.

  11. jdfan
    jdfan August 27, 2012

    you want a cell say A2 to say Input Here. Once text is input into that cell A2, the text will stay, once the cell is erased again “Input Here” returns. sorry it is hard to explain…

  12. Sonny
    Sonny September 10, 2012

    i need some ideas for a blog. i already do poems and surveys on it but i wanna talk about something.

  13. ttocs
    ttocs October 4, 2012

    So I guess you cant follow people. You can only follow the people your main blog follows right? Is there anything else I should know? On my second blog can other people see what I reblog? I just want to be sure before I make one.

  14. United
    United November 4, 2012

    I’ve been looking at different blogs and there are so many different styles it is hard to say what the basics for a good blog is. I suspect that as with anything else in life; those that aren’t looking to be “it” are. But on your opinion what are the basic features a blog needs to have in order to catch and keep your attention?

  15. Cole
    Cole November 4, 2012

    Actually my blog name is not relevant to my blog this time i want to convert my blog to a website through blogger
    but i dont know if i will do it ,then how much will affect my blog traffic?

  16. mavis24
    mavis24 November 5, 2012

    and I want to also… Story is, I already went there with intentions on not re, turning. Reason is because we had fought a lot, and I believe its because of the language barrier. I left, behind his back, because I knew if he knew that i was planning on leaving he would not let me go! While I was there he supported me 100%, paid for everything, showed me everything, I even started to attend school to learn the Netherlands Language. My dream was to always live in Europe. Now while I was there I was extremely home sick, missing my family and friends. I know i have to grow up eventually, i am 27, but i also know it is normal to miss ppl, and NY is my home! Now that i am back i want to go back to Belgium because I him him, I’m just afraid that if I go back, i will want to return here again… i am soo confused! Any advice will help! Thank you!

  17. mrankinmatt
    mrankinmatt November 19, 2012

    It feels like I have to pee, but it also feels like a tingling where the pee comes out part. Could it be from too much sexual intercourse?

    Because its not a UTI because it doesn’t sting & it will go away for a day or for a while & then it will return again.

    I just want this ticklish feeling to go away!

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