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Risks of making money online

Making money online is a great feeling but it is not without its risks. Its not as easy as it seems and the only reason that I am earning online is because I have had enough of being a kuli batak for someone else. I have encountered some problems myself ever since November 2006. Things that suddenly come crashing on you unexpected but I gritted my teeth and marched on. Somehow, I managed to persevere.

Now this is a great article by Jenny How which highlights the risks of making money online. I suggest that you read it if you are serious about doing this full-time. Points 2 and 8 was encountered by yours truly sometime ago and I did blog about it (just do a search in the archives). In any case, the Golden Rule of Making Money Online remains true: do not depend on one stream of income. Diversify. Seek out new opportunities. Try new affiliate programmes, selling text links, paid blogging or PPC (after checking them out to make sure that they are not a fraud, of course). Then sit back and watch the money flowing in 🙂


  1. JennyHow
    JennyHow June 14, 2007

    not just risks on blogging for money, even as an eBay seller I personally experiences that too. i think generally make money online will entails those risks.

  2. Fahmishah
    Fahmishah June 14, 2007

    internet is place where is it very risky.just be careful

  3. affzan
    affzan June 15, 2007

    Making money online is very much similar with setting up your own business offline. Difference being, the low start up cost probably. Otherwise, the risk, the rules and the enemies are always gonna be the same.

  4. Eric
    Eric June 22, 2007

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title of making money online at Blogging For Money. Thanks for informative article

  5. xLittle21Yaox
    xLittle21Yaox July 20, 2012

    Recently my info-product eBay business was suspended 8 days ago. And I need the income fast to continue paying for my expenses. I know how to market via Adwords and I’m looking for RARE and high quality products to sell.

    I came accross $2800 package which looks compelling as those products are hardly found online.

    I guess my question is: IS it worth the risk to go ahead with buying it and the chance of selling if promoted via Adwords… or any other good killer converting product sites I can find?

  6. alberto s
    alberto s July 29, 2012

    Something that doesnt require me risking money, gambling or pyramid selling.
    Something simple ,safe and one that i can go on every now and again as i am at work for most of the week

  7. ibjammin44
    ibjammin44 August 3, 2012

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and I just found out my fiance just lost his job, and I am unable to work because of having a high risk pregnancy. Does anyone know where I could make money online. Legitimate ways only thanks…

  8. Taylor G
    Taylor G August 5, 2012

    Over the past 6 months I lost a substantial sum with online gambling. Early on I was making a healthy profit but my luck changed. Should I give up now or try to win back my losses?

  9. Franklin Bluth
    Franklin Bluth August 7, 2012

    Hi many times I see adds about working from home and earn money. I do not want to do marketing or domin thing. Is it possible to earn money by doing online data punching or some computer job work from home. Are these concepts really work ? i do not want invest in this unless i get paid.

    If any one knows about this plz share his or her views with me and tell some free working sites because right now i do not trust this concept an do not want to take a risk of investing money?

  10. Keaton
    Keaton August 10, 2012

    without risking or paying etc.? Can’t they get rid of him? It’s really annoying. They block a whole bunch of other questions, but they can’t block that one?

  11. Sergeant Pickle
    Sergeant Pickle August 10, 2012

    haha – just kidding. maybe i can ask one of those scammers. you think they will answer this?

  12. Matthew David
    Matthew David August 23, 2012

    im looking for a no risk way to make money sitting at my computer. absolutely anything seriously. i just cant fin anything genuine because there are so many scams out there.
    an example of the sort of thing i want is (i just don’t have a grate musical ear so this one is not for me). absolutely any suggestions welcome (as long as there genuine.)

  13. encyclopath
    encyclopath August 24, 2012

    Did anybody see the thing CNN did about how to make money online? It got me thinking that it really is possible. They did mention that there is a lot of risk involved, but I’m okay with that. Do any of you have experience with this? What do you think is the best/easiest way?

  14. Boo Cookie
    Boo Cookie August 26, 2012

    Recently my info-product eBay business was suspended 8 days ago. And I need the income fast to continue paying for my expenses. I know how to market via Adwords and I’m looking for RARE and high quality products to sell.

    I came accross $2800 package which looks compelling as those products are hardly found online.

    I guess my question is: IS it worth the risk to go ahead with buying it and the chance of selling if promoted via Adwords… or any other good killer converting product sites I can find?

  15. Echo
    Echo September 4, 2012

    Hi, i was wondering if there’s a way to make money online without having to sell or promote stuff on a website, blog etc. I do not want to sell stuff on ebay nor amazon. I am under 18 anyways so i am not allowed to do so.

    Is there any place i can write articles or something, I knew there was one E-how but they stopped doing it now. I don’t mind completing surveys or reading mails or completing offers. I am not looking for a get rich scheme, i just need a decent income. I tried some survey sites but they simply don’t work properly, i.e. in some you cannot cash your points or the demand is tooo high, in some to complete high paid offers i.e. higher than £3 or something you either need to buy stuff, deposit money or download stuff which i do not want. So is there anything i can do to get some money. thanks for answering.

    I need the money to finance books and other stationary for education purposes and buy some more stuff.

    I have heard of some websites which pay you for the downloads your files recieve i.e. sharecash but its simply not worth it as poeple do not like completing surveys to get their download so i need a risk free method. Thanks again.

    I would like to redeem the money to my paypal account. Thanks again.

  16. EzioAuditore1459
    EzioAuditore1459 September 9, 2012

    Sorry so long but…

    I graduated college last May in graphic design and I’m only a seasonal employee who does art work at Six Flags. Since August, it has been the worst four months of my life. That’s how long I’ve been job searching and all I got out of it so far was 5 interviews, no offers, I followed up. I even applied places outside my field of study. I’m came close to risking my life by joining Labor Ready. There’s a 99% chance of me going back to my seasonal job when the park opens in March–I’ve turned in my departments rehire tax papers for that–I’m still scared something will go wrong with that, even though it usually doesn’t. My parents and my grandma have been helping me out, yet I don’t feel right about it because I’m 25 years old and don’t even make $50,000 a year like someone in their 20’s should, I’m actually continuing my education part time. I’m glad I’ll be earning money soon as a figure model at the community college, however, the hours I get are limited. I feel like I failed everyone. I’m doing my best to move forward; yet I’m a bum cause I’m still not making $50,000 a year. WTF?

    My friend and I are starting our business together, and that’s going too slow, but still, I wont give up on this. I’m just in panic mode and I’m tired and can’t sleep right. Lately what’s been triggering my panic attacks is getting unwanted calls from telemarketers and scammers on my cell. These unwanted calls were from trying to make money online with CashCrate by filling out surveys and offers for a $0.50 each. I quit that over three months ago because I got too many unwanted callers–They still call today, even after I registered on and saying “not interested” for the millionth time. Of course I was rude to a lot of them and accused them of being a scam. I got one today that said “RESTRICTED”, the guy on the end claimed that requested info about an online money making opportunity. I politely told the guy “what you are offering to me is a scam”. After I said that, he then said “Well ‘hrcdrc’, you can’t say that every business opportunity is a scam, if you don’t want to be successful, I’ll just hang up the phone.” That really made me feel like a loser.

    I sometimes wonder if I even have a brain anymore because I keep running into the same vicious cycle of problems?

  17. whitesoxfan2347
    whitesoxfan2347 September 13, 2012

    You can use a machine, which has got to be at least almost as effective as the MIT blackjack people, and no risk of being figured out!

  18. PIE BOY
    PIE BOY September 13, 2012

    i m MBA in fin. n wana earn money frm home as i hve a small baby to take care. I can’t take risk of investing money online. so plz suggest me some reliable options to make my pocket money.

  19. Krazy Bob
    Krazy Bob September 26, 2012

    Also like what do i need to do day trading. I dont want the conventional broker is there another way like online trading? do i need special equipment for day trading? Age 21

  20. Motordom
    Motordom October 19, 2012

    i dont have a credit card and live in the middle of nowhere trading caretaker services for room and board,and while i search for true online opportunities to make money,my computer is at risk

  21. Taylor2k
    Taylor2k November 3, 2012

    I play poker with friends and enjoy the game a lot. Yesterday I joined a site and played for quite a few hours. Its a cool game and ,despite the fact I also like the socializing involved, I knew playing online was going to give me a real buzz. I also love statistics and probabilities, two subjects that were integrated into my University course. After yesterday’s online poker session I have serious questions about whether its a con or not and the integrity of the people that develop the sites. I came accros a number of strange hands that seemed particularly suspicious. It goes without saying that everybody knows that there can be very unlikely occurrences that do occur from time to time, but not regularly.
    I started to seriously wonder whether or not I was playing against REAL people or not. Whether the characters I was playing against were simply computer programmes loaded with algorithms and probabilistic analysis, if the cards dealt were part of the program and if the only REAL thing was the money coming out from your bank account. All the sites have training games were you play just to practice at a table against characters in a tutorial program. Much like a videogame, and no one expects these characters to be real. So I am not so sure the ones in the real money game are all that different from the ones in the tutorial.
    In the one I play there is a chat box and I decided to ask 1 or 2 simple questions and never got a reply. Once I got a random sentence being uttered from one of the characters. I tried this again in other rooms because I thought it would help me to understand and Nothing. For this reason I cam on internet today to see what other people are thinking and if they are asking the same questions. Well, it appears that a lot of other people are asking the same questions and the usual replies come from people who have a poker site advertised to their profile. The main reason these enthusiasts put down is the lack of ability of those who question the way the sites work. To answer this, I am no star, and these doubts stem from an impression I got and have nothing to do with level of expertise. I saw a lot of people’s questions and doubts being brushed away with the claim that they were weak poker players and the good ones don’t complain because they are making a living out of it. The ones that are making thousands a weak out of it are testament of the site not being a con. I, unfortunately have never met any of those people, but I have read many stories about them banded about the sites and on television.
    I have read a lot of comments about people saying that the sites would actually be earning less money if the poker was “juiced up”. People claiming that all the programs allowing the site to run and all the fake players to function, along with keeping all the staff from declaring the truth would simply cost too much money and not be worth it. That just does not make any sense at all. You can buy any poker game for the PC for less than 10 pounds (no more than 18 dollars) and there are thousands of characters in the game that play against you, much like humans do. And as far as keeping all the employees quiet, if Jimmy Wales manages to run all of Wikipedia with only a few helpers I think an online poker site may be able to function quite well with just a few associates who put the site together working on it, along with a couple of technicians. And if you are earning a lot of money thanks to your verging-on-hoax creation then you are not going to be running around telling everybody and risking jeopardizing your money making invention.
    I have not sayed the name of the site I played because I would imagine them all to work in very similar ways. I am not saying I know it is a scam but I am saying that I am very suspicious and I am not convinced with the responses people get when they raise questions. And if the puggy (slot machine) in the bar I used to work in while at Uni had a lever inside regulating the amount of winning that would be guaranteed, making it more or less difficult for the drunk people putting money into it to win then I would be surprised if there is not a similar process behind online poker and all the hype the goes with it which guarantees millions.
    Because of these reasons where I am not entirely sure I am playing against real people and that winning or not depends entirely on skill I don’t think I’ll be playing on these sites again

    JOHN KAISER PHD November 3, 2012

    Seriously, every time I go into any money section of Yahoo Answers, there is at least ten different questions that have been asked in the last five minutes like:

    “Need to make money fast?”
    “How can I make money easily?”
    “Making money online?”
    “How to get cash quick?”
    “I need $500 fast!”
    “How can I make $10,000 quickly?”
    “Need some extra money now i’m only 13?”

    The questions I listed above are all the same, asking how to make money without working for it. Are these kids even smart enough to search to see if their question has been asked yet?

    Seriously, just stop asking the same crap over and over again. You’ll always get the same answer: selling stuff, and working.

    To the people who ask: Don’t you think if everyone knew the magical way of easily making money without working for it, they would be doing it? And not answering your question?

    And if someone did know of a legit way of making money easily, that they would really share it with you and risk not making as much because someone knows how they do it?

    Just use some common sense people.
    “Because they need to make money?”

    That is not the answer, the answer is plain stupidity and laziness on behalf of the person asking the question. IF they bothered to search to see if the question had already been asked (which it has, over a million times, the answers given are all generally the same.)

  23. Random
    Random November 8, 2012

    What are behaviors that can result in increased risk, and how can we take steps to avoid them?

    What are some environmental risks?

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